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Rick Santorum is out!

admin | April 10, 2012 in Randomly | Comments (0)

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Okay, so I shouldn’t be excited that someone failed… but sweet baby Jesus am I glad Rick Santorum is out of the running.   I know that if he would have won, Obama would have been a shoe in, but just the idea that someone as retarded as Rick Santorum can get votes is just pathetic… It really says a lot about America, and it would have said more if he would have been nominated.  Mitt Romney isn’t a terrible guy, I wouldn’t mind him all too much.  Newt?  Yeah he is a fat, old stubborn asshole.  Ron Paul?  He’s a genuine guy, a bit bat shit crazy, but he stands his ground.  Santorum?  I didn’t think people like him existed until now.  And now I know that people like him have a following… Someone save us 🙁