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Rick Santorum is out!

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Okay, so I shouldn’t be excited that someone failed… but sweet baby Jesus am I glad Rick Santorum is out of the running.   I know that if he would have won, Obama would have been a shoe in, but just the idea that someone as retarded as Rick Santorum can get votes is just pathetic… It really says a lot about America, and it would have said more if he would have been nominated.  Mitt Romney isn’t a terrible guy, I wouldn’t mind him all too much.  Newt?  Yeah he is a fat, old stubborn asshole.  Ron Paul?  He’s a genuine guy, a bit bat shit crazy, but he stands his ground.  Santorum?  I didn’t think people like him existed until now.  And now I know that people like him have a following… Someone save us 🙁

Santorum is a douche nozzle

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People say he is becoming more and more popular because he is addressing religion and Romney rarely does. Fuck that, you shouldn’t be mentioning religion at all when you are running for president, and you definitely shouldn’t bash another candidates faith. It’s a personal matter, not a political one. GTFO out Santorum and go eat a dead baby. No one likes you, you have a huge forehead, an ugly smile, worst policies and morals I have ever seen, and you are a fucking psychopath. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.

New Spider-Man trailer

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God this looks good. It’s like the director wants this to be an actual Spider-Man movie.