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Anti-anxiety med withdrawals.

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If anyone is reading this because they googled my title then I feel for you. This is not fun. I get lovely zaps in my head when I move my eyes, get nauseous for no reason and have trouble sleeping. No bueno. But in the long run its worth it, but this part just blows donkeys. ūüôĀ

People still smoke cigs?

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Seriously? I mean, really? I thought that fad died out a while ago. It’s really just the shitty habit numero uno. It costs money, it’s fucks your lung shit up and you look like a douche most of the time you’re smoking.

People say they do it to relieve their stress… be a grown up and murder a human being. That’s how you relieve stress… fucking amateurs.

Working on a short story

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I am working on a short story about a dream I had last night. It’s about living in the suburbs of Florida and anticipating a nuclear attack that is imminent. Pretty cool.

A big thanks to Phil Boyle at Coliseum Comics

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Phil Boyle, the president and CEO read my email and graciously offered to replace my cup with his money.

An awesome guy for sure, and I did not expect him to replace my cup. This definitely made my night for sure.

A letter sent to the president of Coliseum of Comics

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I have always been a fan of local comic book stores, the ones where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. It was somewhere where you could go and relate with the people surrounding you. I have always supported my local comic book stores and the energy they hold.

I have recently moved from St Petersburg to Orlando, leaving my local comic book store, Emerald City, behind. One thing I have been looking for in my vicinity has been a good local comic book shop. The only one I seem to find is Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee. I visited this location and it had to vibe of your local comic book store, I felt welcome and everyone was very friendly. I ended up chatting with the clerks on their downtime for quite some time, and told myself I would be back for sure and maybe this would be my new comic shop.

Weeks went by and I went back to St. Petersburg and I picked up the weekly comics that were being held for me at Emerald City because at this point I was still in the mindset of supporting them. When I came back home, a couple weeks went by, and a couple of issues went without being picked up. So I found myself at Fashion Square Mall in Orlando and decided I would maybe pick up a couple comics. This was new to me, because I have never bought my comics anywhere else other than Emerald City and Sci-Fi city. Well when I walked into the store I noticed a Deadpool cup that caught my eye, I picked up it and was set on buying it as my girlfriend has a matching Harley Quinn one. I was very excited because I had been looking for one for quite some time. I then went on and picked up a couple of comics, and asked the store manager about a board game, though he had nothing to say about it, he was very friendly and cordial, also apologetic that he didn’t know much of the game in question.

I then made my purchase and was on my way out. About one minute after I left, a rushing mall-goer knocked into me, knocking my bag out of my hand. He rushed off before I could even notice. Now remember I have a glass in one of these bags. My heart dropped as I heard the glass shatter. I was blind-sided and didn’t know what to do.

So with my broken spirit I wandered back to the comic store to see if anything could be done. The clerk then told me we was sorry and he wouldn’t do anything. He repeatedly told me so, not showing any signs of sympathy or compassion. All I would have liked was a store credit, or at the least some sort of compassion, instead I was greeted with an iron fist and figurative finger pointing me out the door to leave because I was bothersome.

I was about to leave the store when I asked if they could at least throw away the glass seeing as a broken glass is as useful as a Aquaman. This time I was greeted with an actual finger pointing me towards a trash can outside of the store. This really upset me that he couldn’t even at least throw out an item I purchased there and instead just pushed me out the door.

All this while I am being as nice as I can, not raising my voice and being understanding. I know how it goes seeing as I work retail at a local Gamestop. But I know that when a customer in need comes in, I try my hardest to make them leave with a smile because I know every customer is important and customer service in my opinion, and in every retailer’s opinion comes first.

I then leave the store and realize this is not the store I want to support, this entire visit was a mistake. I wanted to just return my comics and try and salvage some happiness that I had at the beginning of the day, as this was the worst shopping experience I have had in a couple years. I walk back in and could see the clerk was already annoyed I entered the store again. I walk up and ask the other clerk at the register if I could return them and he showed concern and looked to the “rude” clerk. The “rude” clerk then said that nothing would be done as I could have read them already and he wouldn’t do anything. I came back quickly and sincerely that I only had time to have my glass break, that is it. I wouldn’t be dishonest about the situation and I haven’t even read the issues leading up to the ones I had just bought.

I could tell he was getting annoyed for sure when he asked for his manager. Aaron, I believe or whatever spelling it is, asked what was wrong and I explained the situation. He was sympathetic and very nice. This was the first sign of humanity I had been shown all day, he at least made me feel better about the situation and explained it in a more customer friendly manner. He asked why I wanted to return the comics and I said quite frankly, I don’t want to support this store after today, I would rather support my local comic book shop, being Emerald City as I know they are much more customer oriented. He then offered me store credit, but I refused as these were the comics that I wanted at the time.

I left with my head low, and my spirits broken. I knew that buying from this chain would be a mistake and that I in fact did not have a local comic book shop in Orlando. But I was happy to know I have Neil and the boys at Emerald City and I shouldn’t have strayed from them in the first place.

And to think all it would have taken was another glass or $10 store credit and I would have been a customer every week, but instead I got nothing other than a ruined shopping experience and ultimately ruined day.

I wanted to share this with you because I feel like you should know that this experience ruined this comic chain for me, and many other friends as well. I also hate that I won’t visit the friendly faces at the Kissimmee store because I just would not feel right supporting this company. The one thing I am glad is that this reassured me that my local comic shop was really the right way to go and not Coliseum of Comics.


Ed Jones

I drive a Mustang

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I honestly did not know where to send this letter, but I hope this gets to someone.
I drive a mustang.
That is what I have always wanted to be able to say. ¬†Ever since I was a little guy, I wanted to be a Mustang driver. ¬†I had a room full of Ford car toys, and posters of Mustangs. ¬†I would get in little arguments with kids about which was better, a Corvette or Mustang. ¬†No matter what model of Corvette it was, the Mustang won. ¬†In my eyes, the Mustang trumped every car out there. ¬†It defines the American car in my opinion. ¬†It’s always been about speed and style. ¬†It never took a turn to the worst, it has always been the Ford Mustang.
Well when I became 16, it was about time to start looking for a car to drive. ¬†A mustang was out of the question because there was no way I could afford one. ¬†I ended up with a Buick Skylark, and drove it around for a couple years. ¬†The Skylark ended up giving out, like most old cars do and I had to sell it and start the adventure of looking for a new car. ¬†It sold for a couple hundred and I had a little bit in savings so my range of cars was a bit better this time around. ¬†I searched craigslist, Auto Trader and all the streets. ¬†Nothing caught my eye. ¬†I test drove a few cars that were relatively cheap, but they just didn’t feel right.
I ended up just driving around to used dealerships to see what they had. ¬†I drove past one dealership in particular that had a Jetta sitting out front that looked pretty nice. ¬†I pulled in and checked it out. ¬†It was in “ok” condition but I started thinking about the long run, and how expensive it would be to fix it. ¬†So the Jetta was out of the question.
He then turned me onto a green car. ¬†It didn’t have the right rims, it had dents but underneath the hood was the engine of a Mustang and on the outside was the body of one. I fell in love and had to have it.
Later that night my dad drove it home because I didn’t even know how to drive stick. ¬†The next day when I took it on a test run, I knew this was my car.
I could then say “I drive a Mustang.”
I couldn’t have been happier. ¬†Even though he was a bit ugly, he was still my Mustang.
He has served me well over the past couple of years but has recently come into trouble.  I was rearended by a cop, and then slid into the back of another car.
“Randy” is hurting, Randy being my car of course. ¬†And today he showed it by having his hood fly up and crack my windshield. ¬†This was due to the damage he had happen to him over the course of the two accidents.

I am now at a crossroads where I decide whether I fix my Mustang and continue to be the Mustang driver I have always wanted to be, or sell him and get a car that will drive me around. ¬† Honestly, if I could just get him fixed up and driveable, I would take that over any 2-10k car. ¬†He’s my Mustang, and he serves me well.

I have looked at cars around my cheap price range, and I just feel like I can’t do it. ¬†I don’t want to be the guy in a Saturn, or the one driving around the mosquito of a Honda. ¬†I want to be the guy that drive the Mustang, one of the last American muscle cars.

I want to still be able to say “I drive a Mustang.”


Skyrim is taking over my life AKA kind of Skyrim Review.

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From work, to quality with my girl, I don’t have a lot of extra time to throw around. When I do get this free time though, it seems I do one thing with it, play the fuck out of Skyrim.

This game alone is the reason why I haven’t been updating my blog often. This game is almost too damn addictive. There is always something to do in the game, I feel like I’m never going to finish it and I couldn’t be happier with that.

It’s nice to have a quality game that I really enjoy. Don’t get me wrong there are other fantastic games that have been released, I have Fifa, BF3, Saints Row The Third and Halo Combat Evolved waiting and ready to be played but I just can’t seem to not want to play Skyrim.

The game is absolutely massive, and the graphics are gorgeous, even on the consoles. But the one thing that really sinks me into the game is something that never does, the sound. This game’s soundtrack is fucking outstanding. I have friends that have even gone so far to buy it and listen to it all the time, it’s beautiful music honestly. I haven’t seen so much work put into sound before. There are games out there that have great soundtracks but nothing compares to what Bethesda has done here.

Skyrim’s story line is one reason that I sit down for a thirty minute sesh but end up eating lunch and dinner in front of the TV. I always want to finish the next quest and get that little bit of story line. The story lines archs that are in each guild or the main quest are great, and actually give you a sense of fulfillment when you finish them. Although I haven’t finished the Theives guild final quest just because I am keeping this damn Skeleton key. I CAN HANDLE THE POWER!

If you don’t have the time, don’t buy this game, but if you know how to manage your time, get this game and get ready to be taken to a whole new world. Finish that song for me.

This game is amazing, if it could be glitchfree, it would be perfect. Out of any score, I would give it a the hightest rating. No game has had so much work put into it, and it shows. Skyrim is beautiful.

Best game ever?

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I mean look at Skyrim’s beauty. If you don’t own it, buy it.

Mind = Blown

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The kid at the beginning of Jurassic Park that we all fucking hated when we first watched it and wish plagues upon him each time we want to indulge in some dinosaur action?  Yeah, here is is, grown up.  Your mind?  Consider it blown.


Day at Disney

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So I spent the day at Disney World and am now quite pooped. We spent the first part of the day at Animal Kingdom and it was pretty awesome. I have have actually gone pretty often lately because my significant other is actually a cast member and I get free admission through this.
Today was a tad different though, the air was crisp, the breeze was cool and often. With this weather, the animals seemed a bit more… Lively. We went on the Safari and I have a couple pictures for you guys. I must say it was an great experience.





Pokemon Rumble Blast 3ds Review

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Pat Robertson says GOP is being too extreme?

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Pat Robertson, the televangelist, said that the GOP is being too extreme in their campaigns.

“It may be a blessing in disguise. … Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it. Haitians were originally under the heel of the French. You know, Napoleon the third, or whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, we will serve you if you will get us free from the French. True story. And so, the devil said, okay it’s a deal. Ever since they have been cursed by one thing after the other.”

That was Pat Robertson talking about the earthquake in Haiti that killed tens of thousands of people and destroyed the island.

Yes, this extremely extreme asshole who said the deaths of the Haitians was a blessing in disguise is saying the GOP needs to calm down.  He says they are being too close-minded and only aiming their campaigns toward a small portion of Americans. Pat wants them to try and reach out to more people so they have better chances in the long run.

I never thought I would see the day when Pat Robertson would actually have something smart to say.

49 exotic animals killed in Ohio *graphic content*

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If anyone has been watching the news lately, then you may have heard about Terry W. Thompson. ¬†Terry had his own little exotic animal “zoo” at his house. ¬†He kept 56 exotic animals in cages, most of which he raised from their bottle feeding stages. ¬†On October 18, Terry let loose all of his animals to roam around Zanesville, Ohio. After the animals were released, he then committed suicide. ¬†I feel as though he would do it all over again if he found out what happened to his animals.

Forty nine of his animals were cornered and then were shot by the police department.

17 lions were shot to death.

6 Black bears were shot to death.

3 Mountain lions were shot to death.

2 Grizzly bears were shot to death.

2 wolves were shot to death.

1 baboon was shot to death.

18 Bengal tigers were shot to death.  They are an endangered species.

I don’t know what the law enforcement officers were thinking and honestly don’t care to know. ¬†I know that these were dangerous animals roaming around, but if you are a law enforcement officer in a state that has loose exotic pet laws, tranquilizer darts should be common around the station just in case something like this were to happen.

It just erks me that these were 49 animals that had no idea what was happening, had no intentions on hurting anyone and they were killed because a human had them caged, and let them loose into “our” world.

When I heard about this ordeal, I actually thought I thought maybe they would reproduce and Tigers would roam freely around the United States. ¬†This didn’t happen though, instead us humans thought of worst case scenarios and did what we do best when we are scared, we harm someone something. ¬†In this case the something was 49 scared animals.

I hate to think that some of these officers enjoyed this “hunting”.

This is me not caring on a roller coaster

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Today in History read by Herbert the Pervert

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