I hear from time to time that science is a religion and that atheist worship this religion. They say scientists just tell you what to believe and people just blindly follow them.

I find this absolutely preposterous. We do not follow science like some follow religions. For one, science is fact and it is the laws of our physical world. One may say “well that one is just a theory”, this is where we differ from most religious people. Scientists have the ability to say “I am not 100% sure about this, but I am content knowing that maybe I will never be 100%.” Instead of having blind faith in something, we find solace in the unknown.

Also, what is wrong with science? Have you studied it lately? We are amazing creatures, an our universe is beautiful. We are learning so much about the world around us, and we have so much more to learn. Why hold yourself back from this knowledge?

I have heard that people are happy in just believing that a god did all of this but for me knowing that all of this was made for no reason and we are all cosmically connected is absolutely is what keeps me smiling each day.

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