About Me

Here I am 12:16AM on a Saturday night creating this bugger.  I figure now would be the best time to write the “About Me” section, because I am all hopped up on caffeine and frankly don’t give a damn.

Since I was little I grew up around entertainment because my father was a radio DJ.  I saw my role model have a successful life through entertaining people.  Of course when I was little I did not realize how bad ass that was, I was too interested in Jurassic Park and airplanes.  But as I became older, I realized how damn lucky he was.  My dad made a life out of making people laugh hysterically or have them swear at the radio.  To me, at the tender age of 22, that sounds like a dream.  I have always loved making people laugh, and I LOVE offending people, and if I could make a life out of doing either of those, consider my life complete.

So after realizing that radio is kind of on the downturn, I needed to find another way to entertain people.  After much deliberation, I am creating this blog.

Here I am, at 12:23AM saying, here I am Edward Maxwell Jones, I am here to make you laugh and to offend you. And to ultimately, entertain you.



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