Virgnity Tests on Protestors?

admin | May 31, 2011 in Randomly | Comments (0)

We all heard about the riots that took play in Egypt that eventually led to Mubarak’s resignation.  It was crazy news, there was a revolution unfolding before our very own eyes and it was successful nonetheless. After a couple months have passed we have some breaking news.  Some women protesters were arrested, threatened to be charged as prostitutes, shocked by stun guns, and had virginity tests given to them.  Originally these allegations were denied, but recently a Military general came clean and even defended the actions.

First off, I didn’t know there was a such thing as a virginity test, I mean usually it’s a clear cut case.  And also women never lie about being virgins either. Second, why the hell did they conduct these tests? Oh I’ll tell ya why.  It’s so the women couldn’t come back and say the  military raped them.  Well we got the tests back and they were all not virgins to start off with, so… what was the point.   I think that this was a absolutely ridiculous measure that the military took and they should be punished.  The military is there to protect, not probe your special places.



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