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Meet Carly Fleischmann, an autistic girl that had no means of communication with the outer world.  Her feelings and emotions were masked by her actions that deemed her “mentally retarded.”   However the person behind the autistic characteristics was far from being mentally challenged.

This was discovered when she began typing her thoughts on a computer for her therapists to see.  The computer was a way for her to communicate like never before.   It gave her caring parents a first glance at the thoughts of their beloved child.  And her thoughts?  Just as normal as anyone else.

She expressed how she  knew that some of her actions were wrong, but these actions were a relief for her.  Carly says she does certain things like humming, looking away from people or covering her ears because she experiences a sensory overload.  She describes looking at a person is like taking a thousand pictures of their face at once.  Imagine trying to look at a wall of a thousand pictures all at once.  That’s not going to happen.  You are just going to get pissed off and look away.  But the thing is, you are never going to be told to do that, but Carly isn’t told to, she has to.  So she has a coping method and these methods would be described as autistic and it’s exactly what you and I would do in the same situation.  Ever try to listen to the TV and the radio?  No, you turn one off.  The only way Carly can turn off these senses, is to do it by rejecting her sensory organs of those senses.

So next time you see someone acting “autistic”, it’s not because they are “retarded”, it’s because they have found a way to cope with one of they imperfections.  We all have imperfections, but none are the same,  autistic people just happen to have an uncommon one.

Carly is a girl, a funny, cute little girl that is smart as hell.  She’s got a gorgeous smile, wonderful personality and drive that we would be lucky to have.  Sure she has some quirks, but that’s what makes us “us”.  The quirks that Carly have make her Carly.

Here’s lookin’ to you Carly.

*Carly has a Twitter account, CarlysVoice if you would like to add her to your following list.  She’s a better follow than most of the people you have like celebrities that tell you what they are eating and how pissed they are at an inanimate object.

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