I drive a Mustang

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I honestly did not know where to send this letter, but I hope this gets to someone.
I drive a mustang.
That is what I have always wanted to be able to say.  Ever since I was a little guy, I wanted to be a Mustang driver.  I had a room full of Ford car toys, and posters of Mustangs.  I would get in little arguments with kids about which was better, a Corvette or Mustang.  No matter what model of Corvette it was, the Mustang won.  In my eyes, the Mustang trumped every car out there.  It defines the American car in my opinion.  It’s always been about speed and style.  It never took a turn to the worst, it has always been the Ford Mustang.
Well when I became 16, it was about time to start looking for a car to drive.  A mustang was out of the question because there was no way I could afford one.  I ended up with a Buick Skylark, and drove it around for a couple years.  The Skylark ended up giving out, like most old cars do and I had to sell it and start the adventure of looking for a new car.  It sold for a couple hundred and I had a little bit in savings so my range of cars was a bit better this time around.  I searched craigslist, Auto Trader and all the streets.  Nothing caught my eye.  I test drove a few cars that were relatively cheap, but they just didn’t feel right.
I ended up just driving around to used dealerships to see what they had.  I drove past one dealership in particular that had a Jetta sitting out front that looked pretty nice.  I pulled in and checked it out.  It was in “ok” condition but I started thinking about the long run, and how expensive it would be to fix it.  So the Jetta was out of the question.
He then turned me onto a green car.  It didn’t have the right rims, it had dents but underneath the hood was the engine of a Mustang and on the outside was the body of one. I fell in love and had to have it.
Later that night my dad drove it home because I didn’t even know how to drive stick.  The next day when I took it on a test run, I knew this was my car.
I could then say “I drive a Mustang.”
I couldn’t have been happier.  Even though he was a bit ugly, he was still my Mustang.
He has served me well over the past couple of years but has recently come into trouble.  I was rearended by a cop, and then slid into the back of another car.
“Randy” is hurting, Randy being my car of course.  And today he showed it by having his hood fly up and crack my windshield.  This was due to the damage he had happen to him over the course of the two accidents.

I am now at a crossroads where I decide whether I fix my Mustang and continue to be the Mustang driver I have always wanted to be, or sell him and get a car that will drive me around.   Honestly, if I could just get him fixed up and driveable, I would take that over any 2-10k car.  He’s my Mustang, and he serves me well.

I have looked at cars around my cheap price range, and I just feel like I can’t do it.  I don’t want to be the guy in a Saturn, or the one driving around the mosquito of a Honda.  I want to be the guy that drive the Mustang, one of the last American muscle cars.

I want to still be able to say “I drive a Mustang.”


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  1. Comment by Bold FinsJanuary 2, 2012 at 3:29 am   Reply

    Who to send it to… the Mustang Engineer? The factory manager of the Mustang-manufacturing unit? The Director of the car-dealing unit that sells Mustang? The Pope- who is concerned about God’s creation? The Buddha? Engineering professors at universities? Public Relations companies that sort out literature about cars? YOU SHOULD SEND THIS TO SOCIOLOGISTS- and also social anthropologists- they would love to know how elements in life like celebrities, cars, amounts of family time, diseases, diet, and holidays affect human life!!! And what music do you play in your car to accompany you in your driving adventure? There are 7 free-to-download movie soundtracks here http://www.fisheadmovie.com/downloads Random fact is that Jetta is spelt similarly as the name of a man, Jheeta, who raped a woman in the 2000s near Birmingham, … oh…

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