49 exotic animals killed in Ohio *graphic content*

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If anyone has been watching the news lately, then you may have heard about Terry W. Thompson.  Terry had his own little exotic animal “zoo” at his house.  He kept 56 exotic animals in cages, most of which he raised from their bottle feeding stages.  On October 18, Terry let loose all of his animals to roam around Zanesville, Ohio. After the animals were released, he then committed suicide.  I feel as though he would do it all over again if he found out what happened to his animals.

Forty nine of his animals were cornered and then were shot by the police department.

17 lions were shot to death.

6 Black bears were shot to death.

3 Mountain lions were shot to death.

2 Grizzly bears were shot to death.

2 wolves were shot to death.

1 baboon was shot to death.

18 Bengal tigers were shot to death.  They are an endangered species.

I don’t know what the law enforcement officers were thinking and honestly don’t care to know.  I know that these were dangerous animals roaming around, but if you are a law enforcement officer in a state that has loose exotic pet laws, tranquilizer darts should be common around the station just in case something like this were to happen.

It just erks me that these were 49 animals that had no idea what was happening, had no intentions on hurting anyone and they were killed because a human had them caged, and let them loose into “our” world.

When I heard about this ordeal, I actually thought I thought maybe they would reproduce and Tigers would roam freely around the United States.  This didn’t happen though, instead us humans thought of worst case scenarios and did what we do best when we are scared, we harm someone something.  In this case the something was 49 scared animals.

I hate to think that some of these officers enjoyed this “hunting”.

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  1. Comment by Evander — October 23, 2011 at 6:59 pm   Reply

    This is some fuckin bullshit

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