18 Game of the Year contenders already released

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Here is a long list of games that have already come out, that will most certainly be in the running for Game of the Year aways.  While they won’t all be in the running for THE game of the year, but they are definitely the best in their certain genres.  There is no Superman 64 type game on this list for sure.


Littlebigplanet 2- Littlebigplanet 2 added so much to the series, they allowed players to do so much more with their game and really make the games they envisioned.  It was amazing to see a developer selling a game that gives players such advanced tools for level customization.  This game most certainly pushed game customization to the next level.

Dead Space 2- This is the one game I always suggest people should buy if they haven’t played it, and I always have those people come back and tell me “holy hell that was an amazing game.”  It has fun online and a frantic, creepy and visceral single player.  If you haven’t checked it out yet and enjoy horror games, you should really give it a shot.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3- Everyone loves a good fighting game, and everyone loves MvC 2.  So what a better release for us fans that MvC3?  The good thing about this game was that it didn’t throw away what made MvC 2 a great game.  The developers really listened to what fans wanted in a fighter and delivered for sure.  It features smooth gameplay, and really competitive fighting.

Crysis 2- Crysis used to be known as the game you played just to see if your computer was faster than hell.  Now we know Crysis 2 as a top notch shooter that included an amazing story.  Let us not forget the fun as hell mutliplayer.  While it did borrow a bit from games like CoD and Halo, it was still really fun.

Total War: Shogun 2- If this game doesn’t win for the best RTSish type game of the year, I will really be disappointed.  I played this game for a couple weeks straight and fell in love with it.  It has beautiful graphics, and amazing battles.  If you have a PC, which is pretty much all of you reading this, then you should check this game out.  It really lets you feel like you are in control of a super bad-ass samurai type army.

Portal 2- This is the game that got me to write this list.  I feel as though everyone forgot about this game, which is what usually happens to games that release early in the year, everyone is just looking forward toward the releases at the end of the year.  But Portal 2, every time I play through it, always brings a smile to my face.  It is such an amazing game that involves puzzles, emotion, and humor.  This is the one game that had me actually laughing out loud, and I would say it’s one of the funniest games I have played in a while.  It’s safe to say that this is a game of the year contender.

La Noire- Seriously, what a beautiful game.  It features amazing characters, an engrossing story and new way to play a game.  When people heard that Rockstar was releasing a game, they all though “Yes! I can run around and bang hookers and shoot crap!”. Nope. This game was an incredible detective game that let you take another role that you never play in video games.  You were looking for clues, and not by point and click, but by actually searching for them.  And the most important thing, which is what makes it different than all those other CSI type games, was the interrogations.  Nothing was more emotional that interrogating a witness or victim and trying to decide if they were lying or telling the truth.  A true masterpiece.

Dirt 3- For racer of the year, it will either go to Dirt 3, Forza 4, or the new Need for Speed.  I loved this game just because I particularly enjoy rally racing and think that they really took this game back to the right direction.  I honestly hated what they did with Dirt 2, making it a pure X-game game.  They went more towards the spirit of what rally racing really is, and I really enjoyed that.  But what makes this game viable for racer of the year is the racing itself.  If you have played it, you know what I am talking about.  It is one of the smoothest and most adrenaline filled racers out there.

Terraria- One of the top indie games for sure.  Take the idea of Minecraft, and pump it full of 2d steroids and you have Terraria.  From the quests to crafting they really did do the genre justice, whatever that genre Notch created is anyways.  If you haven’t played this game, check it out, it’s a cheap game on Steam and deserves your attention.  I can spend hours mining on this game and going further along the game.

Infamous 2- The sequel to Infamous (duh), Infamous 2 is great game.  It seemed that they really got it right this time.  Infamous seemed a bit too slow and you felt like you weren’t a super hero guy really.  In Infamous 2, you really get to feel like you are a hero, or villain.  They smoothed out and sped up the gameplay and gave you powers that really did damage and made you feel like you are a super hero/villain.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3d- Do I need to really say anything about this game? We all know the original was amazing and they made it even more amazing with this 3d release.  Everything that could have been improved was, but they didn’t do it to the extent to where the charm of the game was taken away.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution- You like shooters?  You like RPG’s?  Well here is your game, Deus Ex.  This game featured great graphics, awesome abilities and possibilities out the wazoo.  You could be a level in so many freakin’ ways it was ridiculous.  Deus Ex allowed players to really play they wanted to.  If they wanted to be stealthy, go for it, you can beat the game entirely by being stealthy.  If you want to fill everything with holes, by all means, fill everything with holes.  And it doesn’t even stop there, you could be a hacker, etc etc and you could even just be a hybrid.

Dead Island- I loved this game before it even came out, and a whole bunch of you did as well after seeing the trailer.  The trailer, however, wasn’t what pulled me in, it was the idea of the game.  Dead Island is an open world, zombie survival game.  This game is the epitome of zombie games.  Yes, it has it’s flaws, but damn it does so much right.

Gears of War 3- Haven’t touched the game, and I hate the series but I know that this will be up for some awards at the end of the year.  Everyone so far has told me it’s amazing, but it just ain’t my cup of tea.  I include it because I’m not going to be biased just because I haven’t played the game or don’t enjoy the series, it’s on here because it’s a good game and is enjoyed by a lot of you readers.

Fifa Soccer 12- Arguably one of the best sports games released to date.  The Fifa series always seems to innovate and make gameplay better and better each year.  Even if you aren’t a soccer/football fan, you should play this game.  It is truly addictive and gains fans every day.

Now I know Dark Souls and Rage have just been released, but I have yet to get word on them or play them.  Rage is sitting on my counter, however, and I will give a review of some sort soon.

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