What if Allah was one of us?

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What if?

I mean everyone nowadays is walking around saying, “hey, those white people should die.  Allah says so.”  It’s like the new “where’s the beef?”  It’s just cool to say.

Now, what if this Allah was one of us, like… real.

Would he go to the grocery store and pick up his groceries?  Or would he get a job in the deli, stick some C4 in a ham and detonate it right as you celebrate being white?

Tough to say.  Odds are though, he would be an alright guy.  He would probably say “hey, I got this religion, if you don’t like it, cool.”  I mean he got in his famous position by bein a cool guy.  I mean, it’s not like Buddha got to his spot by ripping off people on eBay.  He did stuff that made people smile and feel warm inside.

The problem with this article is, it could get me killed.  I am in no way saying that Allah is a bad guy, or being BUT this is satire and if I know one thing about the middle east, it’s that they don’t fucking understand humor.

This brings me to a revelation, maybe they are attacking us because we are funnier than them.  I mean we have South Park, Family Guy, The Daily Show… I mean we have Comedy Central. Maybe they aren’t attack us because of our freedom, but because we know how to laugh.  Have you ever seen a middle eastern person laugh?  I don’t think so.

So, maybe all we need to do to end this war is to make them laugh.  How about it?  Maybe we could draw a cartoon of one of their prophets…

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