Rebotos of classic games are awesome

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Every year, publishers release brand new games that they worked their asses on.  We, as the consumers eat the good games up, and always remember that first time we popped in those perfect games we played.  Those are the games that we gives us nostalgia when we talk about them.  Remember when you first started playing Sonic, or Mario for that matter?  I sure as hell do.  I remember getting Sonic 1, 2 and Sonic & Knuckles specifically.

I bring this up because we have been seeing a lot of reboots of classic games.  I don’t say they are ports because the publishers usually spruce the hell out of these games.  A lot of people are complaining that the developers lost their creativity and just release old games because they know they will sell.

Well you wanna know why they will sell?  Because we love nostalgia and good ass games.  These games will sell because we, the consumer, will buy them because we want to play them and want to be taken back to the glory days.

I remember staying up all night on my brothers birthday when he got his N64 playing Starfox 64.  Well, before I go to bed tonight, I will be playing that same game but on my 3ds with better graphics a crapload of extras.  Not only is the core game still intact, they brought it into the new era of gaming.  Same thing with The Ocarina of Time.

These reboots of games like Beyond Good & Evil, Zelda, Ico, Starfox, and many more are exactly what we need.  We need to be reminded of the games that really made us want to sit down and enjoy the fuck out of a video game.  We spend too much time just sitting down and playing Call of Duty because it’s what everyone else does.

Of course there are new games that we should enjoy like Dead Island, Deus Ex, etc and there are games coming out this winter that will blow us away, but these reboots should be welcome by all in the market.

I mean if somebody said they were rebooting Primal Rage I would flip shit like the Gorilla in the game.  I would buy that over any game coming out this winter besides Skyrim.  Sound a bit too extreme?  Yes, but I just ate a Slim Jim.

In conclusion, I say “nay bitch”, to those who hate on these reboots.  They are great games and are being remade for a damn good reason.

Don’t hate the game, hate the player.

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