10 Things Learned from Dead Island

admin | September 7, 2011 in Gaming | Comments (0)

This is what I have learned so far from Act 1 of Dead Island.

10. Beach balls = brick walls.

9. Island goers live exclusively on canned food, energy drinks, and Jack Daniels knock off whiskey.

8. Energy drinks improve your health, contrary to popular belief.

7. Punching takes a lot of stamina.  Kicking?  Bend it all day like Beckham, and you won’t get tired.

6. Everyone has a paddle.  Seriously, they are everywhere.

5. Juice is necessary for survival during the zombie apocalypse.  It’s got vitamin C.

4. When the zombies took over, every single girl was wearing a bikini by the beach and have a solid C cup.  No I’m not complaining.

3. That storm is never going to come.

2. Where are the girl zombie’s hiding their loot? o_O

1. You will always enter the passenger side of the truck.  Always.

I am in no way hating on this game, I actually love the hell out of this game.  I can spend hours just roaming around throwing everything I can find at zombies and punting them into oblivion.  I have to say this is THE zombie game of this gen.

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