Dominion VS. 5v5, 3v3

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With Dominion coming out for League of Legends, I have a lot on my mind… but I’m also thinking about if I am going to play too much Dominion and not touch the original LoL maps.  Also, is Riot going to put all their time in balancing for Dominion that they will ruin 5v5 or 3v3.

I love the new layout for Dominion, and I love what Riot is doing with it.  I think it is a really innovative take on the MOBA genre.  They are putting a hell of a lot of effort into this new map and I am a bit worried that Riot will put all their time into Dominion and not put an equal amount of attention to the original maps.

I will still play the original maps and those will be my primary focus, and I will play a couple Dominions matches here and there when I am bored.  Riot could make this change though, if Dominion turns out to be a really well made map and has a lot of competition in it.  I primarily play the 5v5 and 3v3 for the competitive aspect and it seems like Dominion is just for fun.

That’s what it really looks like to me, Dominion = for fun short little matches and 5v5, 3v3 = Competitive play.

It’s a bit unfair, however, for me to say too much because I haven’t really played Dominion yet.  I have watched videos and I can say that there is an awesome opportunity for serious competitive play, but I really can’t make up my mind until I play it.

What about you, are you going to main Dominion, 5v5, 3v3 or going to fuck around with them all?

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