My Dream League of Legends Champ

admin | August 29, 2011 in Gaming | Comments (1)

Seriously, I don’t even have to photoshop that shit.  Give me a damn velociraptor, they got teefs, large talons and crazy leaping skills.  They put themselves into the game.

(Passive) – Carnivorous Hunger- Addition 5% lifesteal for each ally nearby.

(Q) Frenzy – Boost attack speed and movement speed.

(W) Large talons – Leap for a slashing attack that reduces armor for 5 seconds.

(E) Predator Vision – Field of vision expanded each level.

(R) Pack Mentality – Surrounds an enemy with 4 other clones that all strike at the same time and cause the enemy to bleed.


Don’t care if you hate it or not.  I want my raptor.



As you can see, I like raptors.

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  1. Comment by Ranger — August 29, 2011 at 11:58 am   Reply

    OP OP OP

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