Scientology gets Fined

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The Church of Scientology is getting a fine slapped on them  construction delays on their World Spiritual Center in 2006 when the building was stalled.  The amount is $413,000 and have 30 days to pay up or appeal.

Thank evolution they are getting fined, they owe the government a lot of many anyways for not paying taxes on their “religion.”

I live right by Clearwater and it is eerie how many “scientology-ee” it is there.  Every where you look theres some shmerb with khaki’s, a button-up shirt and a clipboard.  Also, they have their own mode of transportation called Flag, which takes them to places… like Tom Cruise’s underground shrine where there is a statue of him nursing at L. Ron Hubbard’s teet.

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  1. Comment by Anon — August 25, 2011 at 5:35 pm   Reply

    I think the delay just gave them another few years of leaning on their members for ever more donation dollars. They blew far beyond the cost of construction in the fundraising. The $413,000 is probably just a drop in the ocean. They could save that much by simply not outfitting airplane hangars for the guy with the underground shrine. 😉

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