Burger King “King” is no more.

admin | August 19, 2011 in Randomly | Comments (0)

Burger King has recently fired their mascot, the King, because of new ownership.  They to create a whole new Bk image, one specifically without the King.  I for one am going to miss the days of the King commercials of unsuspecting citizens being surprised by his ungodly large head and never-changing smile.  We can all agree that we knew that one day we would have that King nightmare where we would wake up next to him, only to be greeted with a platter of fast food breakfast.

I can see why Bk did this, they want to redo Burger King and have a new image.  Burger has honestly lost a lot of my interest, and the only meal that holds my attention is the Tendercrisp.  Their fries are decent but have a life of only 2.3 minutes, after that they are rock hard tasteless staffs.

It will be interesting to see what they do, but let us all remember the King.

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