4 Reasons why Humans are better than Dogs

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Fact: Dogs don’t have any religion.  What good is a being if it can’t worship a god and kill others over their god being inferior?  It’s pathetic I say.  If dogs would like to be respected in this world, they should go have a meeting and create a god just like us humans do all the time.

Fact: Dogs cannot talk.  Why would you be around something that can’t talk?  One of the great things about being a Human is that we can converse with each other.  How else are you going to know if a dog is upset or pissed off at you?  We, as Humans, cherish that fact that we can express our feelings at any point.  Next time your wife is yelling at you, just think, if she was a dog this lovely interaction wouldn’t be happening.

Fact: Dogs are low maintenance.  Humans are lucky because we have the chance to go to a super store and buy, in bulk, useless items and try and pass it off as a necessity.  All dogs need is food, water and somewhere to defecate.  Where is the human spirit in that?  We pride ourselves on our materialistic nature, and our ability to waste away money.

Fact: Dogs cannot bear arms.  What is the point of a being that can’t carry around a weapon to protect itself?  I mean we could go on shooting sprees and take these dogs out one by one and make them extinct, like we do to the animals in Africa all the time.  All animals need to learn how to carry around guns before us Humans wise up and terminate them all.


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