The Riot Mentality

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The riot mentality.  It’s something that us humans can get when we least expect it.  We are all susceptible to it, yet some seem to be taken over by it more than others.  It’s a mentality of follow the leader, yet the entire crown is leading.  It always takes that one person however to hit the switch in everyone’s minds with that first act.  After that switch is flipped, whatever that initial action was is now acceptable no matter how violent or morally corrupt it is.  The riot mentality flips your morals upside down and you become just another animal in the pack.

There has been a slew of riots recently, yet some are more passionate than others.   Chile, a mostly peaceful country before yesterday, is rioting as we speak. It started as a student protest, the students were demanding better public education and for private universities that have tax-free status, to re-invest in educational improvements.  The idea these students had was a noble one, and the government should really consider their protests.

This riot, however, turned violent when a group of masked protesters turned this around, and into a violent situation.  I doubt this is what the students wanted, because before hand they were simply waving signs and dancing.  But now this simple protest has turned into a full on riot.  Albeit, this riot has much more backing it than the London riots and the Canadian riots we had earlier this year that were only over a hockey game, but riots are rarely justified.  The middle east riots, were in my opinion, justified as they were rioting against corrupt governments and were not as careless to their city as the western culture is being.

Destroying your city, and taking so much away from those small businesses is never justified.  Robbing the homes of those who live in the city is never justified.  You cannot commit these crimes and say it was for a just cause, or because of the corrupt government.  No, you were taken in by the riot mentality,  you blindly followed others and threw your morals out the window.  A riot mentality is a terrible thing to take part in, for you do not think for yourself, you only follow others steps and actions.

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