5 reboots we would all love

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Reboots of video game series are being released more often than ever as of now.  This is a quick list of series I would love to see be rebooted.  If you happen to have a problem with my list, leave a comment below with your list and why it’s better than mine.


I still remember when my brother first got StarFox 64 on his birthday and we sat around the TV until dawn playing the hell out of that game.  I can still, to this day, go back and play through StarFox and I am still entertained thoroughly.  Rail shooters, however, are a dying genre and the more free fliers are much more popular.  If they could create a more flight sim-ish StarFox with an all new control system, addictive multiplayer and better graphics(duh) I feel like this game would sell great.  The only problem is that this is a Nintendo title, and I just have no faith in the Wii U.  And please, no StarFox adventure games.

4.Primal rage

Farting monkeys and leaping raptors, that is what was included in this game.  This was probably my first mature game, and it was one I mastered the hell out of.  If they could reboot this series, even though there was one, it could change the fighter genre.  Yeah, we can all play as humans punch the shit out of each other but give me the option to be a dinosaur and I’ll take it in a heartbeat.


Madden sucks now, don’t even try and defend it.  The game comes out each year and it’s the same damn thing, year after year.  Nothing is ever new with this damn game.  They need to completely revamp this series and create a whole new format to the football genre, because if they don’t when their contract runs out and the 2k series comes back, I promise you that Madden sales will drop exponentially.

2.Jurassic Park

As you can tell, I love dinosaurs, and nothing screams dinosaur like Jurassic Park.  Now I know that Telltale Games is releasing Jurassic Park: The Game, but I still feel like I should include this series.  I cannot tell you how many people come into my video game store and buy Jurassic: The Hunted just because there are dinosaurs in it, but then bring it back because it sucks ever so badly.  What we need is a good dinosaur game that gives us the same feeling that we had when we first saw Jurassic Park.

1.Jet Set Radio Future

If you didn’t play JSRF, please go buy it, and play it.  JSRF was one of the most addictive, well thought out, and fluid games I played on the Xbox.  I never knew why they didn’t have a sequel, it sold well and was accepted well by the consumers.  To those who played JSRF, you know exactly what I am talking about, a reboot of this game is what we need.

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  1. Comment by Drew :) — August 2, 2011 at 10:40 am   Reply

    i still want to see my “grand theft pokemon” reboot. Third person open-ended sandbox pokemon, complete with tall grass and running shoes. I’ve wanted that since Red and Blue 🙁

    • Comment by admin — August 3, 2011 at 1:38 pm   Reply

      We have all wanted that!!! It would soooo amazing. It’s what I wanted out of those gamecube games.

  2. Comment by ¿Guess Who? — August 4, 2011 at 12:11 pm   Reply

    Mirrors edge. I know they’re working on it, but Im impatient and it needs to come out now!

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