Dog Lovers are not the same as Batshitcrazy Dog People

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I will be honest, I have a dog and she is one of my best friends.  She is always there for me and never talks shit to me, I love her.  She was there for me during the worst time of my life and all she did was make me smile and get me through it all.  Kory(my dog) means a lot to me, but it seems like dogs mean way too damn much to some people.

I was driving today and I saw an rv that had bumperstickers that said “I got rid of my kids because my dog was allergic”, “My dog is not spoiled” and “The more people I meet, the more I love my dog.”  There is a fucking point where you go from having a dog as a close friend, to being absolutely batshitcrazy over dogs.  I have seen some human beings that are way too in love with their dogs, I mean people get married to them.

Over a year ago, I was at a local SPCA when a woman came up to me.  She said she loved her dog and she got him from this SPCA and he is her best friend.  I thought, cool, this lady loves her dog, that’s respectable, some people have very close relationships with their dogs.  But then this lady proceeded to say,”no, I am in love with my dog.”  Seriously? What the hell am I supposed to say back to that?  So I nodded and walked away from the crazy dog lady.

Why are some people so damn nuts over dogs or even cats?  Everyone knows a crazy cat lady, because they are everywhere!  I just don’t understand how people get so into their dog’s and spend more energy on their animals than themselves, because usually these people are the ones that you whisper about at Walmart.

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