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Tsunamis, volcanoes and storms oh my.  From Dust is a new game that was brought to the Xbox Live Arcade that features all of these disasters and more.  From Dust is a new take on the “god” genre games where you are the controller of the game, in sense. It was released July 27th, and let me be honest, I wanted this game well before the release date.  I saw the trailer for it and was so excited to play this game because it is something different, and new.  Little did I know that this game was not only different and new, but also could be very challenging, which was welcome.

If you were ever that kid that would find a little stream and build dams in it just to see what would happen, then you need to read this and buy this game.

From Dust lets you take control of water, dirt, and lava, but with these three resources, what you can build is limitless.  You control these elements with picking them up by holding down your left trigger and releasing them with the right.  The tricky part is knowing where in the world to release these resources.  Sometimes you will need to drop some sand across a river, or maybe you will just drop some lava across a river and have it turn into stone so you do not have to deal with the sands erosion factor.  This is what drives this game, figuring out what to build and what to get rid of.  It is not as cut and dry as it seems, the creators made levels that allow you to solve the puzzles in hundreds of ways, so going back and replaying is a definite.

The object of the game is really to guide tribes to a door, but in order to get them there you must populate villages.  This entails you going to one of the village sites and telling you tribe to get there.  It is not as easy as it seems though, there will be many obstacles that your tribesmen must overcome in order to reach their destination.  That is where you come in, you will be building bridges and getting rid of water in order for your tribe to get to their destination.  At first, this was very easy, but as the game went on, some of these challenges because very difficult.  They may seem impossible at times, but all the tools you need are right there for you.  Some of these “tools’ come in the form of special abilities, like the jellify water or evaporate abilities you get from forming certain villages.  You will really need to use these abilities in order to beat the missions, so always remember you have them at hand.

I did find myself, however, just jellifying water and stacking it into a huge pillar and then releasing it so a huge wave would ensue.  You will find yourself building random things and being sidetracked a lot, which is why I find that this game will entertain me for quite some time.

Another fun thing that they put into this game was the aforementioned disasters that you will have to deal with.  The tsunami, I would have to say, was my favorite.  When one is coming in to sweep your civilization away, you can just watch it approach, and see it engulf islands.  This is where you can really see the engine at work.  They really programmed this game well to really show off natural water flow and erosion.  I would find myself just watching rivers being formed as I created a dam.

I do not have many complaints about this game, the only one that I can really say are that the little tribesmen were very stupid at times and would beg for your help because they did something completely idiotic.  Also, a biggie for me was the camera, it seemed off.  You had three views all together, your regular view that was somewhat birds-eye, a birds-eye view, and then a world view.  If there was a way to move in between the two extremes of the regular and birds-eye, that would be very welcomed.

All in all I really have nothing else to say bad about this game, I loved it to death.  I had been waiting for it for quite some time and I am pleased with the end result.  I would sum this game up as a god/puzzle game with a whole lot of character.  I would suggest buying this game for the 1200 Microsoft point.  Get ready for a bit of a challenge and going back to levels you already played just to see if you could do it better.

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