I never play my consoles, but my PC logs hours.

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I have noticed recently that I barely play my consoles when I get the hankering to play a video game.  I used to sit down in my game room and play for hours but I just don’t do it anymore, instead I am at my computer playing games to my hearts desire.  I have tried to figure this out, and it is obvious: the pc will always be greater than the console video game system.

I have all my games at my disposal and can be accessed with the click of a button.  Not only are my games easy to access but I have programs like Steam that make keeping my games up to date and organized so much easier.  Now I will always want hard copies of my games on my consoles and PC but having everything digital on my PC just makes like so damn easy.

I used to never play games on my PC, but I have since realized how easy it is to have a greater gaming system than my consoles.  It used to be a hassle for my to upgrade my computer because I wasn’t planning ahead, and only planning for the now.  Now that I have learned from my mistakes, my PC is set for a couple of years to play games at max settings.  And these max settings look better than any console game out there.  Try and tell me Skyrim or Battlefield is going to look better on the console versions and I’ll show you a finger.

Also, my PC is such a better computer than my PS3 and Xbox360.  I throw money into this beast to make it as powerful as I can, but I do it for a reasonable price and it’s cost is probably what I paid for the 360 and PS3 combined.  Now you will never be able to upgrade your consoles, but I will always be able to update my PC.  It’s understandable why you can’t upgrade a console, but why pick a static console when I can have a PC that will play games that look so much better than a console version. Owning a console is easier, yes, but not as rewarding as playing games on your PC.

There are seriously so many reason why I play my PC over my consoles, and I hope everyone out there realizes that the PC is greater than the consoles.  Us gamers should know this, and I know PC gaming isn’t “family friendly”, but I would love to see that change.  Upgrading and updating a PC is easy to do, people just need to learn how, and need to learn how to game on a PC.  I don’t want to see the PC go under like it has been said it is going to do.  I do feel, however, that PC gaming will always be around, but I want to see it stronger than ever.  I hope everyone can agree with me as you read this.  Long live PC gaming.

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