Top 10 Releases Left This Year

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10. Forza 4 (Oct 11)

So if you are into racing games, or even have a slight interest in them at all, you will have to check out Forza 4.  This game has unbelievable graphics and a slew of cars.  Also, the car customization will be back in full force and the amazing multiplayer races.  The one feature that I am most excited with is that Top Gear is very well featured in this game, and why not, it is the most popular automobile TV show.  I just want to race a lap around their test track without having to win a race of only VW buses(Damn you GT4).

9.Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Q4)

This is a given, Zelda games are always welcome and never disappoint.  Skyward Sword will hopefully have full fledged motion recognition and you will actually be able to swing a sword.  The most welcoming aspect of this game is that it is the prequel to Ocarina of Time.  You are the preceding incarnation of Link that appears in Ocarina of Time.  Skyward Sword flows into Ocarina of Time, and explains Ganandorf’s appearance.

8.Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Aug 23)

Deus Ex, one of the coolest series I have seen that features human augmentation and badassery. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a first person shooter that is based around five pillars of gameplay: stealth, hacking, combat, social and exploration.  You will need to use all five of these pillars in order to succeed in this game, meaning you may have to break from combat in order to make a stealthy exit.  Human Revolution also offers a robust cover system, and if a game can do a good cover system you know they worked hard on the game.

7.Uncharted 3 (Nov 1)

Tomb Raider – boobs +amazing graphics + exciting multiplayer + a ton more = Uncharted.  That’s for all you people who say Uncharted is an exact copy of Tomb Raider.  Uncharted is an amazing series with a ton of depth in gameplay and story line, and characters that are unforgettable.  This next entry in the Uncharted series has me excited not only for the amazing single player, but an addictive multiplayer that will keep everyone around for a while.

6.Fifa 2012 (Q3)

I have to say, Fifa 2012 looks to be one of the best sports games to date.  They have completely revamped the engine for this latest entry.  Fifa likes to make good games, unlike Madden, and they really strive to improve on each entry.  The graphics, animations and added controls look to be amazing.  Being a football aficionado, I am unbelievably excited for this game.  It looks to really bring honor to the sport, and even if you are not a fan of the sport, you will love the addictive gameplay.  There is nothing more gratifying that getting a bicycle kick in and shoving it in a friend’s face.

5.Rage (Oct 4)

You say Fallout wasn’t you cup of tea?  Well then if Rage isn’t, you are a special person.  Rage is a post apocalyptic game that is about you, a survivor of an asteroid smacking the hell out of Earth, and you struggle to survive.  It features an RPG system that will allow you to take quests, upgrade your weapons and ammo, and an inventory system.  Rage is also based around the ability to trick out your wasteland buggy and turning it into a car that would make any character from Twisted Metal blush.

4.Batman: Arkham City (Oct 18)

We all know what Batman: Arkham City is about, you are Batman in Arkham City, and Hugo Strange is trying to screw everything up.  Arkham City is a city where all the villains were sent to after Arkham Asylum screwed the pooch.  Hugo Strange was hire to keep control over the city, but he has other plans for the city.  This entry in the Batman series will be notably longer, around 25 hours, and you be able to free roam around the city picking up side quests and avoiding all the gangs that make up Arkham City.

3.Dead Island (Sept 6)

Ever play Borderlands?  Did you like Borderlands?  Like zombies?Well if you answered yes, then you will most likely love Dead Island.  A free roaming game set on an island over taken by zombies.  You play as a survivor who is immune to the zombie disease and you are trying to figure out how the hell to escape.  Dead Island allows you to pick from 4 main character each specializing in weapons and defense; there is an assassin, tank, ranged and jack of all trades.  Dead Island also offers weapons customization, where you can combine weapons, it is similar to Dead Rising 2, but it looks to be much more robust.

2.Battlefield 3 (Oct 25)

There is a reason why I did not feature Modern Warfare 3 on this list, why do you need to when you have Battlefield 3 being released 2 weeks earlier?  Battlefield 3 is going to blow away MW3 in terms of being an actual good game.  BF3 offers destructible environments, an amazing physics and lighting engine, and a whole new engine all together, Frostbite 2.  If you have seen any videos of the gameplay from Battlefield 3 you know exactly what I mean.  This game looks unreal, it is the best looking 1st person shooter to be released.  Also, if you have a PC you are in for a treat, 64 player online!

1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Nov 11)

Nothing I really need to say here.  Skyrim will take away your life, I am expecting 300 hours from this game.  A completely redone Elder Scrolls game that features local economies that can be influenced by the player, NPC’s that do their own thing and don’t just stand their waiting for you to say hello, effing dragons everywhere that give you powers when you kill them, a huge world that can be entirely explored by the player, beautiful graphics, a redone combat system, etc etc etc.  Seriously, this game is going to rape you of your life when it comes out.  This is, by far, the most exciting release this year.

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  1. Comment by DT — July 21, 2011 at 2:22 am   Reply

    Assassin’s Creed: Revelations should have made the list. And maybe Saint’s Row: The Third. Gears of War 3 and Resistance 3 are two exclusives that will sell well too.

    I agree on Battlefield 3 FTW.

  2. Comment by Ruddigerpez — July 21, 2011 at 6:55 am   Reply

    No Dark Souls = List Fail

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