E Rated Games Aren’t All Crap

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Ever since I was little, I loved video games and to this day, I am completely surrounded by them. I currently work at a local Gamestop and have been noticing a terrible trend, people getting turned off by a game not being rated M.  For those of you who do not know, E is a game for Everyone, and an M rated game is a Mature title.   I am here to say there are plenty of great E rated games out there.  Of course you can add just about all racing and sports titles, but there is more fun to be had with E rated titles.


1. Lego Series.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

I have had fun with this series ever since they released the very first Lego: Star Wars. Since they have released game adaptations for Indiana Jones, Batman, Pirates of the Carribean, and even some other types of games like Lego Battles and Lego Universe.  But don’t let the look of this game fool you, they are very fun games that are appealing to all ages.  Not only is it cool to see your favorite characters in Lego form, but the game play is great and the humor is priceless.

2. Portal 1 & 2

Odds are, if you have a PC, you have played Portal 1. And with the recent release of Portal 2, there are many others hopping on this franchise.  Portal is a game that involves thinking, and wits.  You solve puzzles to get to the end of the game.  Sounds simple, but damn is this game fun.  The first one was a bit lacking with a storyline, but it introduced us to Portal and we couldn’t be happier.  The second one added more storyline, mechanics and levels.  The one thing that we CANNOT leave out of this description is the humor.  I have never laughed harder at a video game.  Valve did an amazing job with this game, and it’s a shame there will not be a third, considering they can’t count to 3.


3. Child of Eden

Child of Eden

This upcoming E rated game looks outstanding.  Finally a game that we can all play on our Kinects that have been collecting dust.  And don’t feel left out Move people, your PS3 will play this as well.  It is most certainly shining the brightest on the Kinect I must say.  On the Kinect you use your whole body to control the on screen actions, and you perform certain motions in order to accomplish actions on screen, like changing your weapon.  This new age game has old roots  however.  Child of Eden is as much as a successor to the classic Rez as you can get, which was a geometric beauty.   Look out for this game next month.


Of course these are just three of the many E rated game out there, but this is just a taste.  What I wanna say is, there is more to video gaming that mindlessly running around in circles and shooting at crap.  Of course a lot of M rated games are outstanding, like the recently released LA Noire.  The list could roll on with great games, but you just need to keep your eyes open and check out a game even if it has that E rating on it.

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