Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Review

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I have been waiting for this game for a pretty good time.  The last EDF was not a lot to look at, but it was so much fun and I hoped that this game would present the same thing.  I wanted mindless baddie killing, and many moments of feeling overwhelmed and as though Armageddon was really at your doorstep.  Well, I have played the game and it is safe to say the EDF: Insect Armageddon gave me exactly what I wanted and at a price of $39.99.

In certain games, there are points where you are about to be overwhelmed and suddenly you get an amazing weapon and can plow through the bad guys like a hot knife through butter.  Well imagine that, but a whole game with that same aspect.  EDF  Insect Armageddon give you a world that is being taken over by alienoid insects that are absolutely huge, but very weak to human weapons.  You get to pick out of 5 different classes of soldiers, but can choose a different one at the beginning of each mission.  Each soldier has different special abilities, like the Jet Pack trooper has… a jet pack, or the heavy guns guy is like a damn tank.  I ended up just playing mostly as the standard soldier that could roll around and reload quickly.  When you start your mission, you can change the color of your solider, and buy new weapons and change your loadout.  The bazookas and assault rifles were my go to weapons for sure.  The selection of weapons, however, is amazing though.  You definitely get a lot of guns to choose from, and they are all different in their own ways.

The gameplay is just as you would expect it to be, simple and great.  You sprint, dodge, shoot, reload and jump pretty much.  The reload feature is very similar to the Gears of War system, where you have to hit the reload button again at the right time in order to get a quick reload.  This feature adds to the chaos that you are put through, which I welcomed.  Not only are you worried about that huge spider that is going to rip you to shreds, you are worried about reloading as well.  That is one thing this game does very well, you feel overwhelmed pretty much all the time, but in the back of your head you know you can handle it all.  It’s as though you are the new age Rambo of insect ass kicking.  There is honestly nothing more gratifying that taking out the big bugs.

I found the controls I mentioned to work pretty well, and the mapping is easy to remember.  The game runs very smooth, and the framerate stays pretty solid even with all the chaos going on.  The textures on buildings and the terrain are nothing special, but the textures on the bugs are pretty good.  It’s an arcade game, and you get the arcade graphics, nothing special but something to be reckoned with.  You will notice some of the edges and polygons, but this is just so the game can run at a constant FPS.  The HUD is pretty well laid out, but I found myself never looking at my ammo amount, considering ammo came at the amount of… infinite.  The only real problem I had was that the mini-map doesn’t do a great job at pinpointing where you are, sometimes I couldn’t find myself on it among all the other green dots.

There are honestly two main reasons why you will buy this game, either it is it’s price tag or it is the co-op capabilities that it has.  IT is 2 player split screen, 3 player online campaign and 6 player survival modes.  Now I know Dungeon Siege is running on that it is the co-op king, but this game is so much fun to play with friends.  There is nothing more fun that mowing through these bugs with a friends.  This is also where character classes are important as well, as you will need everyone to kind of spread out their classes.  If you have friends and are not forever alone, I suggest you get this asap.

Overall, I loved this game.  It is a fun arcade shooter that comes at a cheap price.  Don’t expect a lot of depth to it, and just remember it is $39.99.  This game is all about mindless killing off freaking huge insects and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Now this game isn’t perfect and has a few little flaws like the boring missions that have you doing the same thing pretty much over and over again, but I mean it’s so cheap.  I didn’t go into this expecting a whole lot, but I definitely got my moneys worth.  I would say you should pick this game up if you are looking for a game you can pick up and kill time with, or a game you want to play with your friends.

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