What bumper stickers say about you.

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Political Campaign Sticker – “I want everyone to see that I either agree with you or disagree with you.  If you disagree, you are an ignorant jackass and are a babykiller.  If we agree, then I will follow you on twitter.”

Jesus Fish – “I am a wholesome person and go to church every Sunday.  But if you cut me off, I will fucking kill you.”

Support our troops – “I bought this at the gas station buying a case of Bud and saw this bumper sticker, so I bought it because I want people to know that I care about our troops.”

Campaign Sticker from Past Campaign – “I’m still right and you’re still wrong.”

Watch Out For Motorcycles – “I know someone who rode a motorcycle once.”

Anti-Obama Sticker with the Obama “O” – “Hey I hate Obama and lots of words have them O’s in them.”

Salt Life Stickers – “I enjoy the beach, and am most likely a huge douchebag.”

Anti Left or Right wing slogan Sticker – “For every sticker I have, I have had that many pointless lives.  Oh I have multiple? Wow, I suck at living.”

Bumper sticker are the hideous things ever.  They just scream “I need attention, even when I’m driving.”  Don’t be tacky, get rid of them.



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  1. Comment by Annabel PannunzioJuly 19, 2011 at 3:40 am   Reply

    I love reading your blog, keep these posts coming

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