3 simple tips to becoming a healthier gamer

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A while ago I noticed myself sitting down constantly and playing video games.  What happens when you just sit around and do nothing? You get out of shape and fat, I mean, it’s science.  It sucked because I love playing video games, but I also hate being out of shape.  All I wanted is to be healthy, not a beefcake or steroid juiced mongloid.  So I followed these three tips I made for myself and I couldn’t be happier with the shape I am in.


-Take one hour out of each day or even every other day to go to the gym or ride your bike.  I have taken 1 hour every other day to go to the gym to do cardio and weights and it has really made a difference.  I mean you spend hours and hours playing video games, why not take one hour away just to pump some iron.  Duke does it, so it must be cool.

-Yes we all love soda.  Mountain Dew runs through my veins.  But soda puts pudge on you and turn you into a Rosie O’Donnell. Cut down on that shit.  Drink some water or tea instead.  Yes, some teas have sugar but not as much as your regular soda.  And the caffeine in soda’s are freakin’ terrible for you.  I cut myself down to one soda a day, maximum.  It will be hard to do and you may have caffeine withdrawals.  Yes, that shit is real.  But if you get passed it, you will notice a decrease in weight, and clearer skin as well.

-Having a LAN party?  What better way to feed everyone than going to a fast food place and filling everyone up with shit food.  Notice fat people love McDonalds, skinny people love it too, but fat people LOVE it.  Fast food is food, yes, but too much of it is very harmful to your health.  It will make you fat, and clog up your arteries.  Try and steer away from these fast foods, maybe substitute it for Subway, or Jimmy Johns.  Also all fast food places have healthier options, like grilled chicken or salads.  It may not taste as good as a McGangBang, but it’s good for you.  I still eat some fast food, but I cut it down to maybe like twice a week.

These three simple tips are hard to follow, honestly, because it will take away some stuff that you love.  But nothing feels better than being in shape and having someone be surprised you’re a hardcore gamer.  The exercising is a necessary part in being healthy and a healthier diet will only contribute to it.

I just felt the need in writing this because I am really happy with the shape I am in, and I see too many gamers that are terribly out of shape.  Yes there are some of you who don’t need to do shit to stay in shape(screw you!), but for those who would like to feel better about their appearance and feel better in general, just follow those three tips and you will will notice a difference because I have.

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