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Where’s Tebow?

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GOP Candidates in 8-Bit

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I realized while doing this that a lot of politicians have huge fucking foreheads.  And No Rick Santorum is not on here, he doesn’t count as a politician.  The dude is crazy.

Reddit raised 50k for Omari

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Who is Omari?  Oh, just a guy that was defending his orphanage of 35 from a band of thugs.  Did I mention he took a machete to the face?  A machete.  To. The. Face.  This guy is a damn hero.


And the government want’s to censor the internet.  Just think, if a bill like ACTA or SOPA passed, maybe this wouldn’t have happened… Omari wouldn’t be known for the hero he is.

Kenny Powers and Deadpool 8-bit style.

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Starting 8-bit art

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So I have just realized how much fun 8-bit style artwork is. I’m pretty much balls deep in it at this point. I think I am going to start taking requests and whatnot from people since I can do them quickly as most don’t require a whole lot of time to create.

Captain abandoned ship!

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What a dick! Obviously he disagrees with James Cameron’s portrayal of captains. And he was showing off when he veered too close to the rocks. “Hey guys, check this out. I want to show you how badass I am by endangering everyone on this boat. When I accomplish this feat, you will then proceed to give me high fives and cold brewskies… Alright here we go…. well… fuck… I swear I didn’t press Z twice to barrel roll… I only pressed it once. WE ARE STUCK MID BARREL ROLL.” Word for word. Then he chucked up a deuce, and walked the dinosaur.

Daily Inspiration, I feel all serious mode today.

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Meet Carly Fleischmann, an autistic girl that had no means of communication with the outer world.  Her feelings and emotions were masked by her actions that deemed her “mentally retarded.”   However the person behind the autistic characteristics was far from being mentally challenged.

This was discovered when she began typing her thoughts on a computer for her therapists to see.  The computer was a way for her to communicate like never before.   It gave her caring parents a first glance at the thoughts of their beloved child.  And her thoughts?  Just as normal as anyone else.

She expressed how she  knew that some of her actions were wrong, but these actions were a relief for her.  Carly says she does certain things like humming, looking away from people or covering her ears because she experiences a sensory overload.  She describes looking at a person is like taking a thousand pictures of their face at once.  Imagine trying to look at a wall of a thousand pictures all at once.  That’s not going to happen.  You are just going to get pissed off and look away.  But the thing is, you are never going to be told to do that, but Carly isn’t told to, she has to.  So she has a coping method and these methods would be described as autistic and it’s exactly what you and I would do in the same situation.  Ever try to listen to the TV and the radio?  No, you turn one off.  The only way Carly can turn off these senses, is to do it by rejecting her sensory organs of those senses.

So next time you see someone acting “autistic”, it’s not because they are “retarded”, it’s because they have found a way to cope with one of they imperfections.  We all have imperfections, but none are the same,  autistic people just happen to have an uncommon one.

Carly is a girl, a funny, cute little girl that is smart as hell.  She’s got a gorgeous smile, wonderful personality and drive that we would be lucky to have.  Sure she has some quirks, but that’s what makes us “us”.  The quirks that Carly have make her Carly.

Here’s lookin’ to you Carly.

*Carly has a Twitter account, CarlysVoice if you would like to add her to your following list.  She’s a better follow than most of the people you have like celebrities that tell you what they are eating and how pissed they are at an inanimate object.


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Anti-anxiety med withdrawals.

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If anyone is reading this because they googled my title then I feel for you. This is not fun. I get lovely zaps in my head when I move my eyes, get nauseous for no reason and have trouble sleeping. No bueno. But in the long run its worth it, but this part just blows donkeys. 🙁

People still smoke cigs?

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Seriously? I mean, really? I thought that fad died out a while ago. It’s really just the shitty habit numero uno. It costs money, it’s fucks your lung shit up and you look like a douche most of the time you’re smoking.

People say they do it to relieve their stress… be a grown up and murder a human being. That’s how you relieve stress… fucking amateurs.

Working on a short story

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I am working on a short story about a dream I had last night. It’s about living in the suburbs of Florida and anticipating a nuclear attack that is imminent. Pretty cool.

A big thanks to Phil Boyle at Coliseum Comics

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Phil Boyle, the president and CEO read my email and graciously offered to replace my cup with his money.

An awesome guy for sure, and I did not expect him to replace my cup. This definitely made my night for sure.

A letter sent to the president of Coliseum of Comics

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I have always been a fan of local comic book stores, the ones where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. It was somewhere where you could go and relate with the people surrounding you. I have always supported my local comic book stores and the energy they hold.

I have recently moved from St Petersburg to Orlando, leaving my local comic book store, Emerald City, behind. One thing I have been looking for in my vicinity has been a good local comic book shop. The only one I seem to find is Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee. I visited this location and it had to vibe of your local comic book store, I felt welcome and everyone was very friendly. I ended up chatting with the clerks on their downtime for quite some time, and told myself I would be back for sure and maybe this would be my new comic shop.

Weeks went by and I went back to St. Petersburg and I picked up the weekly comics that were being held for me at Emerald City because at this point I was still in the mindset of supporting them. When I came back home, a couple weeks went by, and a couple of issues went without being picked up. So I found myself at Fashion Square Mall in Orlando and decided I would maybe pick up a couple comics. This was new to me, because I have never bought my comics anywhere else other than Emerald City and Sci-Fi city. Well when I walked into the store I noticed a Deadpool cup that caught my eye, I picked up it and was set on buying it as my girlfriend has a matching Harley Quinn one. I was very excited because I had been looking for one for quite some time. I then went on and picked up a couple of comics, and asked the store manager about a board game, though he had nothing to say about it, he was very friendly and cordial, also apologetic that he didn’t know much of the game in question.

I then made my purchase and was on my way out. About one minute after I left, a rushing mall-goer knocked into me, knocking my bag out of my hand. He rushed off before I could even notice. Now remember I have a glass in one of these bags. My heart dropped as I heard the glass shatter. I was blind-sided and didn’t know what to do.

So with my broken spirit I wandered back to the comic store to see if anything could be done. The clerk then told me we was sorry and he wouldn’t do anything. He repeatedly told me so, not showing any signs of sympathy or compassion. All I would have liked was a store credit, or at the least some sort of compassion, instead I was greeted with an iron fist and figurative finger pointing me out the door to leave because I was bothersome.

I was about to leave the store when I asked if they could at least throw away the glass seeing as a broken glass is as useful as a Aquaman. This time I was greeted with an actual finger pointing me towards a trash can outside of the store. This really upset me that he couldn’t even at least throw out an item I purchased there and instead just pushed me out the door.

All this while I am being as nice as I can, not raising my voice and being understanding. I know how it goes seeing as I work retail at a local Gamestop. But I know that when a customer in need comes in, I try my hardest to make them leave with a smile because I know every customer is important and customer service in my opinion, and in every retailer’s opinion comes first.

I then leave the store and realize this is not the store I want to support, this entire visit was a mistake. I wanted to just return my comics and try and salvage some happiness that I had at the beginning of the day, as this was the worst shopping experience I have had in a couple years. I walk back in and could see the clerk was already annoyed I entered the store again. I walk up and ask the other clerk at the register if I could return them and he showed concern and looked to the “rude” clerk. The “rude” clerk then said that nothing would be done as I could have read them already and he wouldn’t do anything. I came back quickly and sincerely that I only had time to have my glass break, that is it. I wouldn’t be dishonest about the situation and I haven’t even read the issues leading up to the ones I had just bought.

I could tell he was getting annoyed for sure when he asked for his manager. Aaron, I believe or whatever spelling it is, asked what was wrong and I explained the situation. He was sympathetic and very nice. This was the first sign of humanity I had been shown all day, he at least made me feel better about the situation and explained it in a more customer friendly manner. He asked why I wanted to return the comics and I said quite frankly, I don’t want to support this store after today, I would rather support my local comic book shop, being Emerald City as I know they are much more customer oriented. He then offered me store credit, but I refused as these were the comics that I wanted at the time.

I left with my head low, and my spirits broken. I knew that buying from this chain would be a mistake and that I in fact did not have a local comic book shop in Orlando. But I was happy to know I have Neil and the boys at Emerald City and I shouldn’t have strayed from them in the first place.

And to think all it would have taken was another glass or $10 store credit and I would have been a customer every week, but instead I got nothing other than a ruined shopping experience and ultimately ruined day.

I wanted to share this with you because I feel like you should know that this experience ruined this comic chain for me, and many other friends as well. I also hate that I won’t visit the friendly faces at the Kissimmee store because I just would not feel right supporting this company. The one thing I am glad is that this reassured me that my local comic shop was really the right way to go and not Coliseum of Comics.


Ed Jones