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Best game ever?

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I mean look at Skyrim’s beauty. If you don’t own it, buy it.

Mind = Blown

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The kid at the beginning of Jurassic Park that we all fucking hated when we first watched it and wish plagues upon him each time we want to indulge in some dinosaur action?  Yeah, here is is, grown up.  Your mind?  Consider it blown.


Day at Disney

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So I spent the day at Disney World and am now quite pooped. We spent the first part of the day at Animal Kingdom and it was pretty awesome. I have have actually gone pretty often lately because my significant other is actually a cast member and I get free admission through this.
Today was a tad different though, the air was crisp, the breeze was cool and often. With this weather, the animals seemed a bit more… Lively. We went on the Safari and I have a couple pictures for you guys. I must say it was an great experience.