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Lunchables: a lunch meal that don’t play.

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My Dream League of Legends Champ

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Seriously, I don’t even have to photoshop that shit.  Give me a damn velociraptor, they got teefs, large talons and crazy leaping skills.  They put themselves into the game.

(Passive) – Carnivorous Hunger- Addition 5% lifesteal for each ally nearby.

(Q) Frenzy – Boost attack speed and movement speed.

(W) Large talons – Leap for a slashing attack that reduces armor for 5 seconds.

(E) Predator Vision – Field of vision expanded each level.

(R) Pack Mentality – Surrounds an enemy with 4 other clones that all strike at the same time and cause the enemy to bleed.


Don’t care if you hate it or not.  I want my raptor.



As you can see, I like raptors.

Scientology gets Fined

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The Church of Scientology is getting a fine slapped on them  construction delays on their World Spiritual Center in 2006 when the building was stalled.  The amount is $413,000 and have 30 days to pay up or appeal.

Thank evolution they are getting fined, they owe the government a lot of many anyways for not paying taxes on their “religion.”

I live right by Clearwater and it is eerie how many “scientology-ee” it is there.  Every where you look theres some shmerb with khaki’s, a button-up shirt and a clipboard.  Also, they have their own mode of transportation called Flag, which takes them to places… like Tom Cruise’s underground shrine where there is a statue of him nursing at L. Ron Hubbard’s teet.

Face for Internet

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I have a face for Internet… Wait, there’s webcams. Fuck.

But anyways. I’m in orlando with my girlfriend. Had an awesome day at Disney yesterday but damn are my legs sore.
I said to myself yesterday that it’s appalling how many fat people are at Disney, but today I realize they probably walk off about one roll after a day there.
Anyways I got a new app for my phone that takes panoramic photos so here is one for ya and I’ll have some from tonight when I go see some fireworks.


Top 4 annoying champs in League of Legends

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I have been playing League of Legends for quite some time now and know damn well which champs are the most annoying to play against.  They are those champs that when you see them on the loading screen you just say,”well this is gonna suck.”   I didn’t have to think long and hard about these champs because they have a special spot deep down in my soul where they pick at me like a cancer.

Karthus – Screw Karthus.  Whenever you play against him, you have that moment when you are low health where you freak out to either teleport back or run as fast as you can because yes, Karthus’ ult is global and will kill you if you are low health.  The only thing you can hope for is your Banshee’s or Nocturne’s shield.

Also, you thought you killed him didn’t you? Nope, he is still alive and will still cast his abilities for 7 seconds.  Low life?  Cool story bro, you are dead.

Master Yi – “You only pick Ryu or Ken because they are the easiest on Streeth Fighter to use.”  You only pick Master Yi because he is the easiest to use on League of Legends.

Tryndamere – Early game, Tryn is pretty easy to kill.  I mean he really isn’t anything that special.  Oh, he reached level 6?  Yeah, he’s not going to die again.  What makes him even more annoying is all the buffs he has been getting.  I feel like they are doing this just so people will fall in love with him and buy his new expensive as hell skin.

Vladimir – Thought Vlad had low health? Think again, built in life steal like a boss. Think Vlad can’t get past that turret?  Think again, Sanguine Pool like a boss.

His life steal is ridiculous, he gains so much from his abilities that it’s pretty annoying to keep up with him in lane.  And I feel like it’s not fair that his Sanguine Pool does damage, has life steal, and makes him untargetable all at the same time.  That is just too much.  His pool needs to be nerfed or something because it makes me rage.  Yes, I drink a cup of rage when I lane against him.

What champs would you add to the list?  I didn’t add champs that were annoying, but their annoying aspects were easily avoided through an oracle or smart playing.

Burger King “King” is no more.

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Burger King has recently fired their mascot, the King, because of new ownership.  They to create a whole new Bk image, one specifically without the King.  I for one am going to miss the days of the King commercials of unsuspecting citizens being surprised by his ungodly large head and never-changing smile.  We can all agree that we knew that one day we would have that King nightmare where we would wake up next to him, only to be greeted with a platter of fast food breakfast.

I can see why Bk did this, they want to redo Burger King and have a new image.  Burger has honestly lost a lot of my interest, and the only meal that holds my attention is the Tendercrisp.  Their fries are decent but have a life of only 2.3 minutes, after that they are rock hard tasteless staffs.

It will be interesting to see what they do, but let us all remember the King.

4 Reasons why Humans are better than Dogs

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Fact: Dogs don’t have any religion.  What good is a being if it can’t worship a god and kill others over their god being inferior?  It’s pathetic I say.  If dogs would like to be respected in this world, they should go have a meeting and create a god just like us humans do all the time.

Fact: Dogs cannot talk.  Why would you be around something that can’t talk?  One of the great things about being a Human is that we can converse with each other.  How else are you going to know if a dog is upset or pissed off at you?  We, as Humans, cherish that fact that we can express our feelings at any point.  Next time your wife is yelling at you, just think, if she was a dog this lovely interaction wouldn’t be happening.

Fact: Dogs are low maintenance.  Humans are lucky because we have the chance to go to a super store and buy, in bulk, useless items and try and pass it off as a necessity.  All dogs need is food, water and somewhere to defecate.  Where is the human spirit in that?  We pride ourselves on our materialistic nature, and our ability to waste away money.

Fact: Dogs cannot bear arms.  What is the point of a being that can’t carry around a weapon to protect itself?  I mean we could go on shooting sprees and take these dogs out one by one and make them extinct, like we do to the animals in Africa all the time.  All animals need to learn how to carry around guns before us Humans wise up and terminate them all.


Make up your own mind about BF3 and MW3

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I have been seeing so many posts on why you should buy this game and not the other, and vice versa.  I was even a bit guilty of it before when I did a post on why it sucks that MW3 will outsell BF3.

Well don’t listen to these articles, get the damn game you want to get.  If you are a fan of the Call of Duty series, buy it.  If you are a fan of the Battlefield series, buy it.  Do not let any of these assholes change your mind on anything.  They only want others to think the way they want to, and make their game more popular.  It really comes down to fanboys trying to make sure they have the last word.

Do your own research, watch previews of the games, decide on your own.

I am going to buy BF3 for sure, but I will also check out MW3 as well.  I am more of a fan of the Battlefield series, but that doesn’t mean that MW3 is going to be terrible.  They are both good games and sell well for a damn reason.

Everyone is going to have their own reasons on why you should buy this game over the other but that is only that one persons opinion.  If you are going to read these articles, read them all, and see all the opinions everyone has to offer and then come to your own conclusion.

It is just sad that those articles are being viewed so much.  I hope people aren’t letting these articles change their minds, but I have been disappointed by humans before.

I am only writing this because we should all make our own decisions and not feast so much on others opinions of these games.  It is like a presidential election really.

El Shaddai needs more attention

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El Saddia: Ascension of the Metatron is coming out on the 16th of this month and it seems like nobody knows anything about this game, or even cares.  To me, this game looks phenomenal and is going to be one of those rare gems that nobody plays but after reviews come out, everyone is going to rush in to buy it.

First of all, this game looks fucking beautiful.


I mean look at that, it looks truly outstanding.  It is bringing a whole new art perspective to gaming just like Okami did.  It’s no surprise that the team working on this game also worked on Okami.  Everything about this game is visually stunning and the art styles will be constantly changing throughout the game as well. So if you want a game that is candy for your eyes, you should definitely check this game out.

Also this game will have a lot of replay value.  The creators are saying that this game is simple in design, but to master it takes quite some time.  The controls are simple enough consisting of only jump, attack and block but there will be a plethora of combos you can use with these actions.  A lot of these combos also depend on your timing as well, just like the Devil May Cry series.  Oh, did I mention that the creators of this game also worked on the DMC series?  Yeah it just keeps getting better and better.

If you ever wanted a deep story, look no further than… religion, that shit can get deep. So what better background for a video games story than the Book of Enoch, an ancient Jewish work.  El Shaddai follows Enoch, who in religions is an ancestor of Noah, as he tries to prevent a great flood from destroying mankind.  You will be searching for fallen angels throughout your quest to stop this great flood.  As you can see this game has a very religious background, but don’t take that away from the game, religions have great stories and have become famous because of these stories.  Look at this game as an epic, not a religious verse.

This game has so much to offer and I feel it is going to be an amazing game.  How do you feel about this game?  Do you think this game should be getting more coverage as well?

Malfoy’s swagger

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The Riot Mentality

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The riot mentality.  It’s something that us humans can get when we least expect it.  We are all susceptible to it, yet some seem to be taken over by it more than others.  It’s a mentality of follow the leader, yet the entire crown is leading.  It always takes that one person however to hit the switch in everyone’s minds with that first act.  After that switch is flipped, whatever that initial action was is now acceptable no matter how violent or morally corrupt it is.  The riot mentality flips your morals upside down and you become just another animal in the pack.

There has been a slew of riots recently, yet some are more passionate than others.   Chile, a mostly peaceful country before yesterday, is rioting as we speak. It started as a student protest, the students were demanding better public education and for private universities that have tax-free status, to re-invest in educational improvements.  The idea these students had was a noble one, and the government should really consider their protests.

This riot, however, turned violent when a group of masked protesters turned this around, and into a violent situation.  I doubt this is what the students wanted, because before hand they were simply waving signs and dancing.  But now this simple protest has turned into a full on riot.  Albeit, this riot has much more backing it than the London riots and the Canadian riots we had earlier this year that were only over a hockey game, but riots are rarely justified.  The middle east riots, were in my opinion, justified as they were rioting against corrupt governments and were not as careless to their city as the western culture is being.

Destroying your city, and taking so much away from those small businesses is never justified.  Robbing the homes of those who live in the city is never justified.  You cannot commit these crimes and say it was for a just cause, or because of the corrupt government.  No, you were taken in by the riot mentality,  you blindly followed others and threw your morals out the window.  A riot mentality is a terrible thing to take part in, for you do not think for yourself, you only follow others steps and actions.

What Grinds My Gears: Rick Perry

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Texas Governor Rick Perry is cancer.  He is an evangelical politician who thought it was a good idea to have a prayer for the country.  If having a prayer for the country, hosted by a politician, wasn’t already unbelievable, it was only for Christians.  Why would we ever want someone in office who would exclude religious groups from one of his rallies?  We should never even think to elect someone who would reject religious groups.

I just don’t understand how religion is becoming so important in our politics.  Our line between church and state is being erased everyday.  We need to have the separation.

This Rick Perry guy needs to stop everything he is doing before he gains a mass amount of blind followers who are only going to vote for him just because he is a Christian.  Remember how people were mad because they thought a lot of people only voted for Obama because he is black?  Think about how many people will vote for this cancer just because he is so involved with Christianity.

Politicians are allowed to have their religions, but they should keep that aspect of their life separate from their political life.

And how in the hell would praying for the country help things?  If there is a god, you think he would have stepped in by now?  And how would he even help?  The only thing he could do at this point is smite every single congressman and woman because as we all know by now, they are all useless.

But what if the economy does turn around, will people thank a god, or the people who actually fixed it.

I do not mean to offend anyone with this post, but I just really believe in a separation of church and state.

“Stash” – 5 year old spitting hot fire

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5 reboots we would all love

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Reboots of video game series are being released more often than ever as of now.  This is a quick list of series I would love to see be rebooted.  If you happen to have a problem with my list, leave a comment below with your list and why it’s better than mine.


I still remember when my brother first got StarFox 64 on his birthday and we sat around the TV until dawn playing the hell out of that game.  I can still, to this day, go back and play through StarFox and I am still entertained thoroughly.  Rail shooters, however, are a dying genre and the more free fliers are much more popular.  If they could create a more flight sim-ish StarFox with an all new control system, addictive multiplayer and better graphics(duh) I feel like this game would sell great.  The only problem is that this is a Nintendo title, and I just have no faith in the Wii U.  And please, no StarFox adventure games.

4.Primal rage

Farting monkeys and leaping raptors, that is what was included in this game.  This was probably my first mature game, and it was one I mastered the hell out of.  If they could reboot this series, even though there was one, it could change the fighter genre.  Yeah, we can all play as humans punch the shit out of each other but give me the option to be a dinosaur and I’ll take it in a heartbeat.


Madden sucks now, don’t even try and defend it.  The game comes out each year and it’s the same damn thing, year after year.  Nothing is ever new with this damn game.  They need to completely revamp this series and create a whole new format to the football genre, because if they don’t when their contract runs out and the 2k series comes back, I promise you that Madden sales will drop exponentially.

2.Jurassic Park

As you can tell, I love dinosaurs, and nothing screams dinosaur like Jurassic Park.  Now I know that Telltale Games is releasing Jurassic Park: The Game, but I still feel like I should include this series.  I cannot tell you how many people come into my video game store and buy Jurassic: The Hunted just because there are dinosaurs in it, but then bring it back because it sucks ever so badly.  What we need is a good dinosaur game that gives us the same feeling that we had when we first saw Jurassic Park.

1.Jet Set Radio Future

If you didn’t play JSRF, please go buy it, and play it.  JSRF was one of the most addictive, well thought out, and fluid games I played on the Xbox.  I never knew why they didn’t have a sequel, it sold well and was accepted well by the consumers.  To those who played JSRF, you know exactly what I am talking about, a reboot of this game is what we need.

Someone should invent car horns with personalities

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Stopped at a red light, I waited patiently for the light to turn green.  After the expected wait time, the light did turn green and I was ready to move on with my life but apparently the car in front of me was not.  I waited about 10 seconds and then I did what any normal person would do, I honked my horn.

After I honked my horn, I found myself feeling almost sorry because my horn just as an asshole tone to it.  All I needed was a polite “excuse me” honk to let the person in front of me know the light turned green, instead I got the “hey jack ass, MOVE YOUR FUCKING CAR” horn.

Maybe someone should invent a car that allows you to select what tone of mood you mean as you lay down on the horn.  Even just two selections would be nice, an “excuse me” horn and an “I’m going to follow you and beat the shit out of you” horn.