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New video about a gay guy, Tour De France and more!

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Why Call of Duty is bad for gaming.

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When Black Ops was released last year, we all knew that there was going to be another Call of Duty coming out in the near future.  Well now we have an official release date and another Call of Duty hitting the shelves this winter.  Every year, without failure we have a new Call of Duty and another release of the same game.  Another franchise does the same exact thing, Madden.  The constant release of this title is doing a number on gaming and giving too many developers terrible ideas.

Yes, Call of Duty is becoming the new Madden.  Each year we have a “new” version of the game, yet the only difference is a new 5 hour single player mode and a multiplayer that adds something wonky.  I feel as though the developers are just taking advantage of all of the guy that will buy Call of Duty no matter what because they don’t understand what real gaming is, they just know their bro’s play it.   Once they know people will buy it no matter what, they just reskin the game and sell it as a whole new chapter when really it’s just a rehash.

Many developers, I feel, are thinking to themselves “well if they can do it, so can we”.  An example is Dragon Age 2, I was so excited to play the new Dragon Age, only to get a crappy downgrade with no story and a new combat system to try and make up for the lack of effort.   This has to freakin stop.

It’s sad to say, but Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will probably outsell Battlefield 3.  It’s sad because there is so much work being put into Battlefield 3, I mean they worked their asses off to make a new engine just for the game and Call of Duty is using the same engine over and over again and selling millions of copies.  I would love to see Battlefield outsell Call of Duty, but odds are it won’t just because Call of Duty is now a household name.

I hope that developers will not take the CoD path with their games.  Games should be fresh and new, with new stories and unique gameplay, that’s the joy of playing these games.  I don’t want to rag on those who enjoy playing the CoD games, but I just feel as though the developers should take a break from the series and think of a decent reboot in a couple years.  I remember when I first played CoD 4: Modern Warfare, it was amazing.  It was a whole new experience for me, it was exciting to play, but now 3 CoD titles have released since then and they all feel exactly the same.  The game is not evolving and too many people are trying to do what Call of Duty did instead of making their own game.  I just think CoD should disappear for a while.

Is Simplicity Key to Video Games?

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Remember back in the day when all you had to do what push forward and jump in order to beat a level in a video game?  Those were the days… Video games didn’t have a lot to them, they were simple yet were very fulfilling.  Video games have since become much less simple and have evolved into a much different experience.  Yes the video games of the current era are amazing, but maybe we should have less complex games and more simple, yet fun games.

Halo: Combat Evolved, for example, complex compared to older games but we can all agree it was a fantastic game.  You ran around, shot baddies and when you played together with friends, you either shot each other or had little objectives.  With each new iteration of Halo, there was more added to the game and it seemed like the more they added, the less charm the game had and the less fun the game was.  I have seen this happen with many game series, like Mortal Kombat.  They did the smart thing with the reboot of the series to simplify the game again, and take it back to what the game was really about.

One game that came out last week that is a lot of fun for all the right reasons is EDS 2017: Insect Armageddon.  It’s a simple, pick up and play game where you kill huge insects with a stupid amount of weapons.  I, myself, love the game and have only heard great reviews from those who have played it.  Maybe more games should use this strategy and not try so hard to make the game something it is not.  I am sure many games that have been released by small developers could have been much better if they spent less time trying to force complexity into them and worked on making the game just fun.

Of course some games are complex as hell but are still fun.  Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Witcher, Arma, Civilization, flight sims, most MMO’s are some, just to name a few.  But most of these amazing ones are great because they are made by developers that have earned their stripes and know how to evolve a series.

What I really want to say is, maybe some developers should keep the games a little more simple, challenging and focus on the story instead of trying to make them complex so they try and fit in with the games that shine in that area.  Do you think games should be a bit more simple, to keep their charm, or should we make keep them complex and tough to figure out?

New video! Casey Anthony, men in suitcases and more!

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Irony at it’s best

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There was an anti-helmet protest going on in Onondaga, New York. One participant was Philip A. Contos. He hated that the government was going to force him to wear a helmet. He wanted to feel free, like an eagle. So what does he do? He revs up his Harley, heads off but hit his brakes and lost control. He then shot over his handlebars and landed headfirst on the pavement where he was pronounced dead. The medical experts said he would have survived if he was wearing his helmet.

Tri-force made of fries and ketchup packets

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Exactly what the title says.


Made this while I was playing ocarina of time on my 3ds. I fucking love that game. I nostalgia so hard when I play it.

Fuckin Scientology

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I was looking through the mail and this is what I was greeted with.


Fuckin Scientology decided to try and persuade me into their “religion” with a picture of this doofy asshole. Not only will I associate Scientology with a bunch of crooked pricks, but also with that guy. That stupid faced asshat.

Texts from last night is all about whores

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Every time I go on this damn site tfln, it’s all tests from whores and sluts. It’s hards to get through a couple of those posts without seeing a text from a girl who woke up with a cock insider her or some girl that would fuck every guy in the room. Yes you are allowed to say what you want in private, but god damn. If everyone actually knew what the fuck you were saying, even Jesus would say, “I know I died for your sins, but you are the biggest whore I’ve met, and ive met some serious slores.” So next time you go out, look for the drunk bitch with a phone and see what she’s typing because she’s probably typing about how you’re going to “rail her even though she has a bf but you look like that guy from the movie lol.” Sluts.