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Coolest tattoo ever.

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Westboro Baptist Church Foiled!

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Bikers, as annoying as your bikes are, you guys are badass.  Remember how the Westboro Baptist Church was all set and ready to protest at the Joplin memorial service? Well, there was only one protester to be found and he was met by about 300 bikers who f—ing love America.  Apparently, he was protesting and went in to exchange some words with the bikers, friendly words I assume, and the bikers didn’t take kindly to it.  The bikers rushed him and the cops just said “run you stupid motherf—er.”  Oh god, justice? Somewhat, I won’t have real justice until a gay man teabags Fred Phelps, the founder of the church.  The video of the protest and the lonely protester is below.


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Virgnity Tests on Protestors?

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We all heard about the riots that took play in Egypt that eventually led to Mubarak’s resignation.  It was crazy news, there was a revolution unfolding before our very own eyes and it was successful nonetheless. After a couple months have passed we have some breaking news.  Some women protesters were arrested, threatened to be charged as prostitutes, shocked by stun guns, and had virginity tests given to them.  Originally these allegations were denied, but recently a Military general came clean and even defended the actions.

First off, I didn’t know there was a such thing as a virginity test, I mean usually it’s a clear cut case.  And also women never lie about being virgins either. Second, why the hell did they conduct these tests? Oh I’ll tell ya why.  It’s so the women couldn’t come back and say the  military raped them.  Well we got the tests back and they were all not virgins to start off with, so… what was the point.   I think that this was a absolutely ridiculous measure that the military took and they should be punished.  The military is there to protect, not probe your special places.



6 things worse than a nuclear war.

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When people think of the end of the world, a lot of people think we will do it by nukes. Yeah this is a possibility, but it will be quick and swift. And those who survive get to live in a bad ass world like in Fallout. Huge ray guns? Yes please! Anyways, I have compiled a list of scenarios that are totally worse than a nuclear war and I will give a brief description on why. After reading them, I am sure the Rapture will sound like a frolic through the daisies.

6.Zombie Apocalypse – Zombies have, over the past couple year, gained a huge fan based. This has led to some awesome TV shows and video games. So everyone is well aware at how crappy the zombie apocalypse would be. I mean you could see your family try to eat you, or turn into a mindless freak yourself. BUT the upside is being able to go willy-nilly with a chainsaw.

5.AIDS – Wait…

4.Robotic Overtaking – We have all seen the movies, robots will turn against us and defy their creators. It’s gonna happen, Will Smith was in “I, Robot” so it’s fact. They will make us slaves, and we will build them super crazy pyramids and there will be awkward robot/human fetishes.

3.Hamster’s Wise Up – After all the crap we put them through and on, they would kill us without thinking.

2.Fat magically turns into muscle – In America, yeah we would be screwed. Land of the free and home of the Whopper. There are fat people EVERYWHERE, and we all notice them. Don’t act like you don’t pray that fat woman that just walked on the plane doesn’t sit next to you. You are silently judging every fat person. So if fat people suddenly turned into mutant Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, not only would they be everywhere but they would be ready to take revenge, like those damned hamsters.

1.Giant armies of Velociraptors with lasers mounted on their heads, titanium talons and teeth, minds more intelligent than Stephen Hawking’s, and they all suffer from PMS – I don’t think I really need to explain this one. It’s like that kid in the beginning of Jurassic Park’s worst nightmare.

So there are some of my ideas, if you have any post them in my comments.

Gamestop Preorder Bonuses

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Here are some preorder bonuses that Gamestop has right now. If you have any special preorder requests, comment!


Battlefield 3




Dungeon Siege III


Alice: Madness Renturns


Duke Nukem Forever


Twisted Metal and Batman Arkham City

Maybe some of it was deserve.

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Alright, watch the video below, and then read below.


You probably thought the same thing I did, those cops are huge douchers.  They arrested a few civilians for doing something that was completely harmless, and did it a little too rough for my taste, I mean they didn’t even provide a safe word. But when you go back and watch it, some of the protesters were kind of dick about the situation.  First, you have the stereotypical hippie guy at the beginning, being hippie and complaining.  And then you have the one kid that comes out of left field, and grabs his friends arm when the cop tells him to put his hand behind his back and tries to take him away to Neverland.  He kinda deserved to be hit.  Then you have the main guy, whom I think is the Adam fella who refuses putting his hands behind  his back until he eventually gets slammed to the ground(Macho Man would have been proud, RIP.).

Yes, it was a demonstration.  People were previously arrested for the same thing, and they were semi protesting it.  Yes, getting arrested for dancing is silly, no matter where you are.  The cops should not have acted like they did, the dancers were not harming anyone, they were probably gathering people around the monument which is not a bad thing for the park. But if you are going to do something in which you know there is a possibility of being arrest, don’t be a douche, just oblige and then maybe you will have a better case in court. Don’t resist, it’s futile(..ha).   These guys could have learned from the Civil Right movement.


E Rated Games Aren’t All Crap

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Ever since I was little, I loved video games and to this day, I am completely surrounded by them. I currently work at a local Gamestop and have been noticing a terrible trend, people getting turned off by a game not being rated M.  For those of you who do not know, E is a game for Everyone, and an M rated game is a Mature title.   I am here to say there are plenty of great E rated games out there.  Of course you can add just about all racing and sports titles, but there is more fun to be had with E rated titles.


1. Lego Series.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

I have had fun with this series ever since they released the very first Lego: Star Wars. Since they have released game adaptations for Indiana Jones, Batman, Pirates of the Carribean, and even some other types of games like Lego Battles and Lego Universe.  But don’t let the look of this game fool you, they are very fun games that are appealing to all ages.  Not only is it cool to see your favorite characters in Lego form, but the game play is great and the humor is priceless.

2. Portal 1 & 2

Odds are, if you have a PC, you have played Portal 1. And with the recent release of Portal 2, there are many others hopping on this franchise.  Portal is a game that involves thinking, and wits.  You solve puzzles to get to the end of the game.  Sounds simple, but damn is this game fun.  The first one was a bit lacking with a storyline, but it introduced us to Portal and we couldn’t be happier.  The second one added more storyline, mechanics and levels.  The one thing that we CANNOT leave out of this description is the humor.  I have never laughed harder at a video game.  Valve did an amazing job with this game, and it’s a shame there will not be a third, considering they can’t count to 3.


3. Child of Eden

Child of Eden

This upcoming E rated game looks outstanding.  Finally a game that we can all play on our Kinects that have been collecting dust.  And don’t feel left out Move people, your PS3 will play this as well.  It is most certainly shining the brightest on the Kinect I must say.  On the Kinect you use your whole body to control the on screen actions, and you perform certain motions in order to accomplish actions on screen, like changing your weapon.  This new age game has old roots  however.  Child of Eden is as much as a successor to the classic Rez as you can get, which was a geometric beauty.   Look out for this game next month.


Of course these are just three of the many E rated game out there, but this is just a taste.  What I wanna say is, there is more to video gaming that mindlessly running around in circles and shooting at crap.  Of course a lot of M rated games are outstanding, like the recently released LA Noire.  The list could roll on with great games, but you just need to keep your eyes open and check out a game even if it has that E rating on it.

Jesus, is dat you?

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Want to see an Afro-centric remix of the story of Jesus? Then my friend, I have a present for you.


Westboro Baptist Church are a bunch of dicks.

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Imagine you are sitting in your house during a strong storm, when suddenly, a tornado takes away everything you own and rips through your entire town.  There is no warning like you would get from a hurricane, just rapid destruction.  This happened in Joplin, MO.  Hundreds of people lost everything they own, and over a hundred lost their lives.  This is an American tragedy that that happened without warning, and destroyed an entire community, leaving lives in shambles.  We should all bow our heads for Joplin and have a moment of silence.

Suddenly, WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH!  Yes, the church known for picketing soldier’s funerals are here to break away from the norm and be complete dicks.  They will be picketing the community memorial service in Joplin for those who lost their lives during this tragedy. Why, you ask? Because those jerks in Joplin were sinners and damned if they deserved it.  Really?  I know they are doing this to get attention, because to them any press whether positive or negative is helpful.

Well, if you live near the city of Joplin, there will be a counter-protest and they would love for you to join.  The thing is, I am so surprised no one has harmed Westboro.  I know it is supposed to be peaceful, but we have rioted over sports games and a lot less, why has nobody rioted against Westboro?  Probably, because we shouldn’t stoop down to their level of dickness, but aren’t we America? The land of people that can snap at any moment?  I am not advising somebody harm Westboro, but I am just saying I am totally surprised nobody has yet.

Well, that was my first post.  As you can see, when I talk about hot topics, it is going to be me discussing the topic from my perspective.  I won’t be politically correct, I won’t be polite, I am just going to be myself.  I am going to be a 22 year old that is trying to understand the world from a literal perspective.  My posts won’t be perfect, and I do not intend for them to be.  I do not want to be an English major, I just want to be myself expressing myself through blogginess.

Yours truly,

Maxwell Randomly