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Best game ever?

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I mean look at Skyrim’s beauty. If you don’t own it, buy it.

Forza 4 review and Batman Arkham City online passes

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18 Game of the Year contenders already released

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Here is a long list of games that have already come out, that will most certainly be in the running for Game of the Year aways.  While they won’t all be in the running for THE game of the year, but they are definitely the best in their certain genres.  There is no Superman 64 type game on this list for sure.


Littlebigplanet 2- Littlebigplanet 2 added so much to the series, they allowed players to do so much more with their game and really make the games they envisioned.  It was amazing to see a developer selling a game that gives players such advanced tools for level customization.  This game most certainly pushed game customization to the next level.

Dead Space 2- This is the one game I always suggest people should buy if they haven’t played it, and I always have those people come back and tell me “holy hell that was an amazing game.”  It has fun online and a frantic, creepy and visceral single player.  If you haven’t checked it out yet and enjoy horror games, you should really give it a shot.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3- Everyone loves a good fighting game, and everyone loves MvC 2.  So what a better release for us fans that MvC3?  The good thing about this game was that it didn’t throw away what made MvC 2 a great game.  The developers really listened to what fans wanted in a fighter and delivered for sure.  It features smooth gameplay, and really competitive fighting.

Crysis 2- Crysis used to be known as the game you played just to see if your computer was faster than hell.  Now we know Crysis 2 as a top notch shooter that included an amazing story.  Let us not forget the fun as hell mutliplayer.  While it did borrow a bit from games like CoD and Halo, it was still really fun.

Total War: Shogun 2- If this game doesn’t win for the best RTSish type game of the year, I will really be disappointed.  I played this game for a couple weeks straight and fell in love with it.  It has beautiful graphics, and amazing battles.  If you have a PC, which is pretty much all of you reading this, then you should check this game out.  It really lets you feel like you are in control of a super bad-ass samurai type army.

Portal 2- This is the game that got me to write this list.  I feel as though everyone forgot about this game, which is what usually happens to games that release early in the year, everyone is just looking forward toward the releases at the end of the year.  But Portal 2, every time I play through it, always brings a smile to my face.  It is such an amazing game that involves puzzles, emotion, and humor.  This is the one game that had me actually laughing out loud, and I would say it’s one of the funniest games I have played in a while.  It’s safe to say that this is a game of the year contender.

La Noire- Seriously, what a beautiful game.  It features amazing characters, an engrossing story and new way to play a game.  When people heard that Rockstar was releasing a game, they all though “Yes! I can run around and bang hookers and shoot crap!”. Nope. This game was an incredible detective game that let you take another role that you never play in video games.  You were looking for clues, and not by point and click, but by actually searching for them.  And the most important thing, which is what makes it different than all those other CSI type games, was the interrogations.  Nothing was more emotional that interrogating a witness or victim and trying to decide if they were lying or telling the truth.  A true masterpiece.

Dirt 3- For racer of the year, it will either go to Dirt 3, Forza 4, or the new Need for Speed.  I loved this game just because I particularly enjoy rally racing and think that they really took this game back to the right direction.  I honestly hated what they did with Dirt 2, making it a pure X-game game.  They went more towards the spirit of what rally racing really is, and I really enjoyed that.  But what makes this game viable for racer of the year is the racing itself.  If you have played it, you know what I am talking about.  It is one of the smoothest and most adrenaline filled racers out there.

Terraria- One of the top indie games for sure.  Take the idea of Minecraft, and pump it full of 2d steroids and you have Terraria.  From the quests to crafting they really did do the genre justice, whatever that genre Notch created is anyways.  If you haven’t played this game, check it out, it’s a cheap game on Steam and deserves your attention.  I can spend hours mining on this game and going further along the game.

Infamous 2- The sequel to Infamous (duh), Infamous 2 is great game.  It seemed that they really got it right this time.  Infamous seemed a bit too slow and you felt like you weren’t a super hero guy really.  In Infamous 2, you really get to feel like you are a hero, or villain.  They smoothed out and sped up the gameplay and gave you powers that really did damage and made you feel like you are a super hero/villain.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3d- Do I need to really say anything about this game? We all know the original was amazing and they made it even more amazing with this 3d release.  Everything that could have been improved was, but they didn’t do it to the extent to where the charm of the game was taken away.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution- You like shooters?  You like RPG’s?  Well here is your game, Deus Ex.  This game featured great graphics, awesome abilities and possibilities out the wazoo.  You could be a level in so many freakin’ ways it was ridiculous.  Deus Ex allowed players to really play they wanted to.  If they wanted to be stealthy, go for it, you can beat the game entirely by being stealthy.  If you want to fill everything with holes, by all means, fill everything with holes.  And it doesn’t even stop there, you could be a hacker, etc etc and you could even just be a hybrid.

Dead Island- I loved this game before it even came out, and a whole bunch of you did as well after seeing the trailer.  The trailer, however, wasn’t what pulled me in, it was the idea of the game.  Dead Island is an open world, zombie survival game.  This game is the epitome of zombie games.  Yes, it has it’s flaws, but damn it does so much right.

Gears of War 3- Haven’t touched the game, and I hate the series but I know that this will be up for some awards at the end of the year.  Everyone so far has told me it’s amazing, but it just ain’t my cup of tea.  I include it because I’m not going to be biased just because I haven’t played the game or don’t enjoy the series, it’s on here because it’s a good game and is enjoyed by a lot of you readers.

Fifa Soccer 12- Arguably one of the best sports games released to date.  The Fifa series always seems to innovate and make gameplay better and better each year.  Even if you aren’t a soccer/football fan, you should play this game.  It is truly addictive and gains fans every day.

Now I know Dark Souls and Rage have just been released, but I have yet to get word on them or play them.  Rage is sitting on my counter, however, and I will give a review of some sort soon.

Shooting Guns Crashes BF3 Servers

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I just found out that if you shoot your gun you can actually crash the server.  You do this by equipping an assault rifle(this should work with all guns), going to EA’s server room and spraying your entire clip into the servers.  This should crash the the servers.

I am in no way saying you should do this, but you should stop bitching about the beta and realize that it’s a beta and there will always be problems.  That’s why it’s for testing.


Top 5 worst types of fanboys

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If there is one group of people I hate in this world besides hipsters, it’s whiny fanboys.  This is a quick list of types of fanboys that just grind my gears.

5.Call of Duty Fanboys- You know exactly who this is.  It’s a 20-something year old guy that is a total bro.  He doesn’t play any other games other than Madden and CoD.  You tell him to try this new really good game and no matter what, you get back “nah bro, it’s not as good as CoD.  CoD is the best.”  And when I type CoD, that’s actually how they talk.  They say it like the fish, cod.

4.Sony Fanboys- Alright, I love my PS3, I think it’s a great system but I wouldn’t say it’s the best. Both the 360 and PS3 have their ups and downs.  Sony Fanboys on the other hand will be the first to tell you that you are wrong about everything you just said and that the PS3 is the best.  Why?  Free online, better exclusives and isn’t run by evil Microsoft.  Well apparently these douches haven’t dealt with Sony before, because I have and I will say it, Sony is full of a lot of douchers and they do screw over a lot of people.  Now I know these fanboys are going to be like “well why aren’t 360 fanboys on the list?  You’re a 360 fanboy!”  I am not, I just never see 360 fanboys, ever.

3.J-RPG Fanboys- Black shirt, black pants and fingerless gloves.  That is the usual J-RPG fanboy.  I have met some high class ones before, but for the most part J-rpg fanboys are the weirdest fucking guys you will ever meet.  I love my J-rpg’s don’t get me wrong but these guys take it to a whole ‘nother level.  They have posters of their favorite characters in their room, and have the dolls and everything.  They will also be the first to tell you that the west makes shitty games and could never make a game like the east can.  Well to that I say, fuck you, 11.11.11.

2.Nintendo Fanboys- These dudes can be really fun or really creepy.  They are usually older guys who grew up with Nintendo, which is understandable but then you have these oblivious kids that love Nintendo no matter what.  It’s like they live in a bubble and don’t know what else is out there.  I have actually seen one of these fanboys burst out of his bubble and realize what is out there.  It was like watching a birthing happening, but without the gross.

1.PC Fanboys- Alright PC fanboys, you guys are fucking annoying.  You are the most difficult people to please and will be the first to say that this corporation is screwing them over and that this new game is garbage and will never be like the last one.  These guys are like the hipsters of the video game world, they play games that are so underground, you’ve never heard of them or their developers.  My pc is my favorite gaming system, but these guys have the biggest raging nerd ego’s ever.  Just calm down.

League of Legends Dominion Impressions

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Riot has been kind enough to allow an open beta testing of Dominion recently.  They released it in windows of availability for everyone.  So if you were lucky enough to log on when it was open, then you got to play.  I’ve never seen this kind of beta testing before, but I feel like it was more of a preview than beta testing because it seemed pretty well put together.

I honestly have no bad remarks about this new game mode, it’s fast, frantic, and fun as hell. It seems Riot took their sweet ass time on this, and I couldn’t be happier that they did.  Of course a lot of people were raging over how long it was taking, but sometimes you have to wait for good things.  PC gamers are just the hardest people to please.

If you don’t know what Dominion is, imagine that capture the flag and king of the hill had sweet non-consensual love and the bastard child was Dominion.  You have 5 capture points and a team health of 500.  The more points you have captured, the less your health goes down.  The less you have captured, the more your health goes down.  Once you reach 0, you just lost the game.

They added a bunch of new stuff in this game mode that we have never seen in LoL before.  There are new items, new buffs, health packs and a lot more.  The health packs help out a lot when you are just on the verge of dieing and need that little boost of life to help you defend.  Also, the movements speed boosts help out a ton for getting around.  You just walk through the area and you automatically have the buff, no killing any neutral monsters.  I can see why there are no neutral monsters because it’s so fast paced, you don’t have time for it.

I have only tried a couple champs with dominion, Shaco, Skarner, and Kennen.  I didn’t even want to bother with a tanky dps because we all know they will fare well.  I wanted to see how these randoms would work out.

Kennen was awesome in Dominion.  His E gets you around the map very easily and is great for the crowd control you need in this mode.  Same with his ult, everyone attacks together right from the beginning so it’s nice having this crowd control.

Shaco was pretty good, the main thing was his boxes helped out with defending.  I just laid them around the turrets and defended.  I would use my Q to roam around the turret and stop someone from trying to take it.

Skarner was meh.  His shield gave a welcomed speed boost, and his lifesteal gives great sustainability.  His ult was nice for pulling enemies away from capturing, or into the turret.  I built him as an AP tank, and I fared pretty well.

Of course as we go down the road, we will learn to play champs differently in this game mode in ways we never thought to play them.  That is what I find so exciting about this new game mode, it’s a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view.

Rebotos of classic games are awesome

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Every year, publishers release brand new games that they worked their asses on.  We, as the consumers eat the good games up, and always remember that first time we popped in those perfect games we played.  Those are the games that we gives us nostalgia when we talk about them.  Remember when you first started playing Sonic, or Mario for that matter?  I sure as hell do.  I remember getting Sonic 1, 2 and Sonic & Knuckles specifically.

I bring this up because we have been seeing a lot of reboots of classic games.  I don’t say they are ports because the publishers usually spruce the hell out of these games.  A lot of people are complaining that the developers lost their creativity and just release old games because they know they will sell.

Well you wanna know why they will sell?  Because we love nostalgia and good ass games.  These games will sell because we, the consumer, will buy them because we want to play them and want to be taken back to the glory days.

I remember staying up all night on my brothers birthday when he got his N64 playing Starfox 64.  Well, before I go to bed tonight, I will be playing that same game but on my 3ds with better graphics a crapload of extras.  Not only is the core game still intact, they brought it into the new era of gaming.  Same thing with The Ocarina of Time.

These reboots of games like Beyond Good & Evil, Zelda, Ico, Starfox, and many more are exactly what we need.  We need to be reminded of the games that really made us want to sit down and enjoy the fuck out of a video game.  We spend too much time just sitting down and playing Call of Duty because it’s what everyone else does.

Of course there are new games that we should enjoy like Dead Island, Deus Ex, etc and there are games coming out this winter that will blow us away, but these reboots should be welcome by all in the market.

I mean if somebody said they were rebooting Primal Rage I would flip shit like the Gorilla in the game.  I would buy that over any game coming out this winter besides Skyrim.  Sound a bit too extreme?  Yes, but I just ate a Slim Jim.

In conclusion, I say “nay bitch”, to those who hate on these reboots.  They are great games and are being remade for a damn good reason.

Don’t hate the game, hate the player.

10 Things Learned from Dead Island

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This is what I have learned so far from Act 1 of Dead Island.

10. Beach balls = brick walls.

9. Island goers live exclusively on canned food, energy drinks, and Jack Daniels knock off whiskey.

8. Energy drinks improve your health, contrary to popular belief.

7. Punching takes a lot of stamina.  Kicking?  Bend it all day like Beckham, and you won’t get tired.

6. Everyone has a paddle.  Seriously, they are everywhere.

5. Juice is necessary for survival during the zombie apocalypse.  It’s got vitamin C.

4. When the zombies took over, every single girl was wearing a bikini by the beach and have a solid C cup.  No I’m not complaining.

3. That storm is never going to come.

2. Where are the girl zombie’s hiding their loot? o_O

1. You will always enter the passenger side of the truck.  Always.

I am in no way hating on this game, I actually love the hell out of this game.  I can spend hours just roaming around throwing everything I can find at zombies and punting them into oblivion.  I have to say this is THE zombie game of this gen.

Dominion VS. 5v5, 3v3

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With Dominion coming out for League of Legends, I have a lot on my mind… but I’m also thinking about if I am going to play too much Dominion and not touch the original LoL maps.  Also, is Riot going to put all their time in balancing for Dominion that they will ruin 5v5 or 3v3.

I love the new layout for Dominion, and I love what Riot is doing with it.  I think it is a really innovative take on the MOBA genre.  They are putting a hell of a lot of effort into this new map and I am a bit worried that Riot will put all their time into Dominion and not put an equal amount of attention to the original maps.

I will still play the original maps and those will be my primary focus, and I will play a couple Dominions matches here and there when I am bored.  Riot could make this change though, if Dominion turns out to be a really well made map and has a lot of competition in it.  I primarily play the 5v5 and 3v3 for the competitive aspect and it seems like Dominion is just for fun.

That’s what it really looks like to me, Dominion = for fun short little matches and 5v5, 3v3 = Competitive play.

It’s a bit unfair, however, for me to say too much because I haven’t really played Dominion yet.  I have watched videos and I can say that there is an awesome opportunity for serious competitive play, but I really can’t make up my mind until I play it.

What about you, are you going to main Dominion, 5v5, 3v3 or going to fuck around with them all?

My Dream League of Legends Champ

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Seriously, I don’t even have to photoshop that shit.  Give me a damn velociraptor, they got teefs, large talons and crazy leaping skills.  They put themselves into the game.

(Passive) – Carnivorous Hunger- Addition 5% lifesteal for each ally nearby.

(Q) Frenzy – Boost attack speed and movement speed.

(W) Large talons – Leap for a slashing attack that reduces armor for 5 seconds.

(E) Predator Vision – Field of vision expanded each level.

(R) Pack Mentality – Surrounds an enemy with 4 other clones that all strike at the same time and cause the enemy to bleed.


Don’t care if you hate it or not.  I want my raptor.



As you can see, I like raptors.

Top 4 annoying champs in League of Legends

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I have been playing League of Legends for quite some time now and know damn well which champs are the most annoying to play against.  They are those champs that when you see them on the loading screen you just say,”well this is gonna suck.”   I didn’t have to think long and hard about these champs because they have a special spot deep down in my soul where they pick at me like a cancer.

Karthus – Screw Karthus.  Whenever you play against him, you have that moment when you are low health where you freak out to either teleport back or run as fast as you can because yes, Karthus’ ult is global and will kill you if you are low health.  The only thing you can hope for is your Banshee’s or Nocturne’s shield.

Also, you thought you killed him didn’t you? Nope, he is still alive and will still cast his abilities for 7 seconds.  Low life?  Cool story bro, you are dead.

Master Yi – “You only pick Ryu or Ken because they are the easiest on Streeth Fighter to use.”  You only pick Master Yi because he is the easiest to use on League of Legends.

Tryndamere – Early game, Tryn is pretty easy to kill.  I mean he really isn’t anything that special.  Oh, he reached level 6?  Yeah, he’s not going to die again.  What makes him even more annoying is all the buffs he has been getting.  I feel like they are doing this just so people will fall in love with him and buy his new expensive as hell skin.

Vladimir – Thought Vlad had low health? Think again, built in life steal like a boss. Think Vlad can’t get past that turret?  Think again, Sanguine Pool like a boss.

His life steal is ridiculous, he gains so much from his abilities that it’s pretty annoying to keep up with him in lane.  And I feel like it’s not fair that his Sanguine Pool does damage, has life steal, and makes him untargetable all at the same time.  That is just too much.  His pool needs to be nerfed or something because it makes me rage.  Yes, I drink a cup of rage when I lane against him.

What champs would you add to the list?  I didn’t add champs that were annoying, but their annoying aspects were easily avoided through an oracle or smart playing.

Make up your own mind about BF3 and MW3

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I have been seeing so many posts on why you should buy this game and not the other, and vice versa.  I was even a bit guilty of it before when I did a post on why it sucks that MW3 will outsell BF3.

Well don’t listen to these articles, get the damn game you want to get.  If you are a fan of the Call of Duty series, buy it.  If you are a fan of the Battlefield series, buy it.  Do not let any of these assholes change your mind on anything.  They only want others to think the way they want to, and make their game more popular.  It really comes down to fanboys trying to make sure they have the last word.

Do your own research, watch previews of the games, decide on your own.

I am going to buy BF3 for sure, but I will also check out MW3 as well.  I am more of a fan of the Battlefield series, but that doesn’t mean that MW3 is going to be terrible.  They are both good games and sell well for a damn reason.

Everyone is going to have their own reasons on why you should buy this game over the other but that is only that one persons opinion.  If you are going to read these articles, read them all, and see all the opinions everyone has to offer and then come to your own conclusion.

It is just sad that those articles are being viewed so much.  I hope people aren’t letting these articles change their minds, but I have been disappointed by humans before.

I am only writing this because we should all make our own decisions and not feast so much on others opinions of these games.  It is like a presidential election really.

El Shaddai needs more attention

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El Saddia: Ascension of the Metatron is coming out on the 16th of this month and it seems like nobody knows anything about this game, or even cares.  To me, this game looks phenomenal and is going to be one of those rare gems that nobody plays but after reviews come out, everyone is going to rush in to buy it.

First of all, this game looks fucking beautiful.


I mean look at that, it looks truly outstanding.  It is bringing a whole new art perspective to gaming just like Okami did.  It’s no surprise that the team working on this game also worked on Okami.  Everything about this game is visually stunning and the art styles will be constantly changing throughout the game as well. So if you want a game that is candy for your eyes, you should definitely check this game out.

Also this game will have a lot of replay value.  The creators are saying that this game is simple in design, but to master it takes quite some time.  The controls are simple enough consisting of only jump, attack and block but there will be a plethora of combos you can use with these actions.  A lot of these combos also depend on your timing as well, just like the Devil May Cry series.  Oh, did I mention that the creators of this game also worked on the DMC series?  Yeah it just keeps getting better and better.

If you ever wanted a deep story, look no further than… religion, that shit can get deep. So what better background for a video games story than the Book of Enoch, an ancient Jewish work.  El Shaddai follows Enoch, who in religions is an ancestor of Noah, as he tries to prevent a great flood from destroying mankind.  You will be searching for fallen angels throughout your quest to stop this great flood.  As you can see this game has a very religious background, but don’t take that away from the game, religions have great stories and have become famous because of these stories.  Look at this game as an epic, not a religious verse.

This game has so much to offer and I feel it is going to be an amazing game.  How do you feel about this game?  Do you think this game should be getting more coverage as well?

5 reboots we would all love

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Reboots of video game series are being released more often than ever as of now.  This is a quick list of series I would love to see be rebooted.  If you happen to have a problem with my list, leave a comment below with your list and why it’s better than mine.


I still remember when my brother first got StarFox 64 on his birthday and we sat around the TV until dawn playing the hell out of that game.  I can still, to this day, go back and play through StarFox and I am still entertained thoroughly.  Rail shooters, however, are a dying genre and the more free fliers are much more popular.  If they could create a more flight sim-ish StarFox with an all new control system, addictive multiplayer and better graphics(duh) I feel like this game would sell great.  The only problem is that this is a Nintendo title, and I just have no faith in the Wii U.  And please, no StarFox adventure games.

4.Primal rage

Farting monkeys and leaping raptors, that is what was included in this game.  This was probably my first mature game, and it was one I mastered the hell out of.  If they could reboot this series, even though there was one, it could change the fighter genre.  Yeah, we can all play as humans punch the shit out of each other but give me the option to be a dinosaur and I’ll take it in a heartbeat.


Madden sucks now, don’t even try and defend it.  The game comes out each year and it’s the same damn thing, year after year.  Nothing is ever new with this damn game.  They need to completely revamp this series and create a whole new format to the football genre, because if they don’t when their contract runs out and the 2k series comes back, I promise you that Madden sales will drop exponentially.

2.Jurassic Park

As you can tell, I love dinosaurs, and nothing screams dinosaur like Jurassic Park.  Now I know that Telltale Games is releasing Jurassic Park: The Game, but I still feel like I should include this series.  I cannot tell you how many people come into my video game store and buy Jurassic: The Hunted just because there are dinosaurs in it, but then bring it back because it sucks ever so badly.  What we need is a good dinosaur game that gives us the same feeling that we had when we first saw Jurassic Park.

1.Jet Set Radio Future

If you didn’t play JSRF, please go buy it, and play it.  JSRF was one of the most addictive, well thought out, and fluid games I played on the Xbox.  I never knew why they didn’t have a sequel, it sold well and was accepted well by the consumers.  To those who played JSRF, you know exactly what I am talking about, a reboot of this game is what we need.

From Dust Review

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Tsunamis, volcanoes and storms oh my.  From Dust is a new game that was brought to the Xbox Live Arcade that features all of these disasters and more.  From Dust is a new take on the “god” genre games where you are the controller of the game, in sense. It was released July 27th, and let me be honest, I wanted this game well before the release date.  I saw the trailer for it and was so excited to play this game because it is something different, and new.  Little did I know that this game was not only different and new, but also could be very challenging, which was welcome.

If you were ever that kid that would find a little stream and build dams in it just to see what would happen, then you need to read this and buy this game.

From Dust lets you take control of water, dirt, and lava, but with these three resources, what you can build is limitless.  You control these elements with picking them up by holding down your left trigger and releasing them with the right.  The tricky part is knowing where in the world to release these resources.  Sometimes you will need to drop some sand across a river, or maybe you will just drop some lava across a river and have it turn into stone so you do not have to deal with the sands erosion factor.  This is what drives this game, figuring out what to build and what to get rid of.  It is not as cut and dry as it seems, the creators made levels that allow you to solve the puzzles in hundreds of ways, so going back and replaying is a definite.

The object of the game is really to guide tribes to a door, but in order to get them there you must populate villages.  This entails you going to one of the village sites and telling you tribe to get there.  It is not as easy as it seems though, there will be many obstacles that your tribesmen must overcome in order to reach their destination.  That is where you come in, you will be building bridges and getting rid of water in order for your tribe to get to their destination.  At first, this was very easy, but as the game went on, some of these challenges because very difficult.  They may seem impossible at times, but all the tools you need are right there for you.  Some of these “tools’ come in the form of special abilities, like the jellify water or evaporate abilities you get from forming certain villages.  You will really need to use these abilities in order to beat the missions, so always remember you have them at hand.

I did find myself, however, just jellifying water and stacking it into a huge pillar and then releasing it so a huge wave would ensue.  You will find yourself building random things and being sidetracked a lot, which is why I find that this game will entertain me for quite some time.

Another fun thing that they put into this game was the aforementioned disasters that you will have to deal with.  The tsunami, I would have to say, was my favorite.  When one is coming in to sweep your civilization away, you can just watch it approach, and see it engulf islands.  This is where you can really see the engine at work.  They really programmed this game well to really show off natural water flow and erosion.  I would find myself just watching rivers being formed as I created a dam.

I do not have many complaints about this game, the only one that I can really say are that the little tribesmen were very stupid at times and would beg for your help because they did something completely idiotic.  Also, a biggie for me was the camera, it seemed off.  You had three views all together, your regular view that was somewhat birds-eye, a birds-eye view, and then a world view.  If there was a way to move in between the two extremes of the regular and birds-eye, that would be very welcomed.

All in all I really have nothing else to say bad about this game, I loved it to death.  I had been waiting for it for quite some time and I am pleased with the end result.  I would sum this game up as a god/puzzle game with a whole lot of character.  I would suggest buying this game for the 1200 Microsoft point.  Get ready for a bit of a challenge and going back to levels you already played just to see if you could do it better.